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Start with Appropriate Technologies and the Right User Experience

Workforce mobilization continues to become a key competitive requirement for most organizations seeking to create greater intimacy and presence with customers.  However, enabling mobility is more than just providing laptops, smart phones and tablets to users then sending them out into the field. 

It's about selecting the appropriate technologies and developing the right user experience so users can be productive and take advantage of this new work paradigm. This is why extending key business applications like CRM to 'smarter' mobile environments like Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy tablet and Windows 8 tablets, has become critical to successfully tapping into your mobile workforce.

Mobile-CRM-When-you-need-itTruly mobile CRM has an increasing value proposition that holds great potential to significantly transform the way mobile users connect to and interact with business-critical information - driving revenues, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

Today's front-line, mobile sales professional are finding themselves in everyday situations that require an extended CRM environment that works the way they do, when they need it.

Business Challenges Addressed with Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is not just an enabler to improve business processes for sales professionals in the field, but it also solves an important business challenge faced by many organizations when it comes to CRM, namely, how to improve CRM usage rates among mobile users and turn CRM into a competitive advantage.

Leveraging the benefits of a CRM solution requires anytime, anywhere availability of computing resources and connectivity to the CRM database. In many mobile situations today - either at a customer site or in-transit - the benefits are lost without the right mobility tools, including mobile CRM. User engagement with the CRM process is greatly enhanced with this mobility option.

Easy mobile access to CRM means that more information is captured and stored immediately though a smartphone or tablet device and shared within the CRM system. Instantly this knowledge is accessible by all members of the sales, support, and management teams.  Similarly, as internal users engage on a customer issue and update the CRM system internally, critical updates can be seen immediately by mobile users, in real-time.




Clearly, the mobile sales professional is a vital link in the fluid customer relationship chain whose full potential cannot be utilized to drive greater customer satisfaction and revenue with the absence of a mobile CRM solution.

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