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Interviews of Business Process Championship winners

Results are in from the first ever competition to design a unique process using bpm'online studio free. In this skilled contest, participants designed for usefulness, relevance, creativity, simplicity, and correctness.

For the gold award with the winning process is Khoa Cao, a BPM Consultant at Couture Consulting, who created a credit card acquisition process. The business process he submitted intends to help incorporate relevant departments and systems. Also, it is aimed at improving velocity of the whole process while partially automating appraisal process to enhance performance and efficiency of appraisal team.

You designed the credit card acquisition process. Tell us more about it. What problem does it address and who can benefit from it the most?

There are three main issues in traditional credit card acquisition process: process time, human mistakes and the lack of transparency. My process focuses on resolving the mentioned problems by:

  • Providing internal staff from different departments with a single environment to work on. This helps terminating transition time between systems.
  • Consolidating and digitizing applications from all front-end channels into BPM. This helps de-duplicating application.
  • Automating basic credit appraising and scoring to filter in-eligible application. This helps decreasing appraiser's mistake due to overload.
  • Tracking application status that make the whole process transparent to customers (we can control how much information to expose), thus, improving interaction with customers.

With all that said, the customer benefits the most due to a faster and more transparent process.

What was the most difficult part in designing your business process?

Dealing with exceptions is the most difficult part when designing a process. For instance, with VIP customers – some companies would like to give them a special treat by skipping some steps in the process to instantly get them on-board.

Do you find Studio Free easy to use?

Yes, it is a nice and intuitive tool. I was surprised that it is free. It took me no time to get used to and release my first process. 

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For the silver award with the winning process is Oksana Kuminov, tax accountant at NBAC Corp, who created a tax preparation process. The key operational value of her initiative is to document, ensure consistency, and ultimately automate business procedures in the tax preparation process.

Oksana shares how her tax preparation process can simplify the lives of accountants and gives valuable recommendations on building the business process for the first time.

What was the most difficult part in designing your business process?

In my opinion, the most difficult part in business process design was to compile the initial information gathered from various users and sources into one document. Going through the current processes together with users helped to overcome this difficulty. I was able to better understand why some processes were in place and ask clarification questions on the go.

Which business processes are you planning to design in the future?

I am planning to evaluate and automate the current case management process and new company on-boarding process.

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