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Infor CRM Visual Timeline into Business Relationship Development

One of the challenges we hear from clients is the desire to quickly "see" what has been occurring with a customer or prospect--to drill into an account and obtain a visual timeline of what has occurred.

Was there a service issue?  Did it get resolved in an appropriate time, and was the resolution successful or is it still lingering?  How did my staff respond to the challenge, and what insights were gained?  Is the client still attending an upcoming event?

Think about the benefits of having a visual timeline of your top customers.  What trends can you see developing? Is there some part of the relationship that needs to be improved?


Need more information? Drill into the details from the account timeline.  Who was assigned to the support ticket? How long did it take to resolve?  Was this a type of issue that should be added to your knowledge base for future reference using Speed Searching?



Our Infor CRM offering provides such a view into each of your company accounts.  And it lets you make better decisions, faster and easier.

Additional benefits of CRM depending on your business role  are covered here

Next Steps:

Are you new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and interested in discussing what is possible? Then go here.

Does your CRM system need a face lift and optimization?  Wanting to get more bang from that investment? Then go here.


What tools do you use to obtain a visual timeline in business relationship development?  

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