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Infor CRM Strategies: Your Customer Service Team In An Effective Quality Control System

We are going to dedicate the next 2 parts of this 3 part series to quality control. In this part however, we are going to identify the contributions of your customer service team to a quality control system in addition to how Infor CRM can support such a system.

Effective Quality Control System with CRM

Quality control entails evaluating issues and testing the end result. But what makes evaluation and testing most useful is when there is an effective quality control system in place. What is a quality control system? A system that allows you to evaluate and test the quality of your products or services, and as a result renders important information towards discovering trends that ultimately inform your decisions on what product or process improvements need to made and when to make them. 


Here are some of the most key attributes of an effective quality control system: 

  • Client Partnership: A mutual understanding of the expectations that define the partnership

  • Strategic Planning and Alignment: A well designed plan that aligns your product quality control objectives to your overall business objectives

  • Process Management: Ensures that enterprise-wide processes used to deliver and support service functions efficiently and effectively

  • Performance Management: Ensure that all information from business departments is used to assess service quality and daily operations

  • Continuous Improvement: Ensure that performance is tracked and benchmarked and continuously improved to meet trends that affect business, client, and customer needs

  • Employee Involvement: Establish and grow teams that are well trained and responsible for the quality control system that has been implemented

  • Supplier Partnership: Acquire and maintain an understanding of partner or vendor performance to ensure that they meet your quality standards and align with your ongoing improvements

These components are essential because to effectively track quality control issues, there has to be a quality system in place that integrates the client, the customers, your business objectives, as well as your suppliers and vendors to gather a comprehensive view when evaluating issues and testing results. But in order to benefit from such a system in your quality control efforts, it’s a must that you have a CRM system that can effectively support your quality control system and one that empowers the end-users, who in this context is your customer service team. 

As part 1 of this series emphasized, your customer service team sits at the center of customer relationship management—and quality control is a big part of that relationship primarily due to the fact that the information they gather impacts some of your businesses most significant operations and CRM strategies. 

Infor CRM vs. Contact Management System 


Let’s assume, as operations manager your company uses a contact management system such as ACT! that has been customized to allow end users to bring up forms, add fields, and track different pieces of data relatively quickly. Under less complex circumstances a contact management system would likely work for a business that doesn’t need to track multiple service or product issues as would your customer service representatives; or if your quality issues didn’t require multiple steps and activities to get to a resolution.

However, as an operations manager of a company that has these kinds of needs as well as others, customer service representatives contribute some of the most key information. 

Customer Service Contributions 

  • Identify various hierarchical categories for issues that concern various products and multiple issue types

  • Determine issue tickets that need to be assigned to various users

  • Determine if cost or maintenance is required for a particular product quality issue

  • Identify trends by looking at past tickets and communicating them to the proper users

No matter how robust your ACT CRM system may be, as a contact management system it does not have the capability to support the tasks performed by CSR’s and further fails to meet the demands of a business that needs to track multiple types of data relationships and tasks, track complex relationships, and require the availability of business analytics amongst other functions. Infor CRM has these capabilities along with advanced customization capabilities that can in fact handle these needs.

Quality Control Benefits

Quality control is a crucial element in any customer relationship management effort. By taking a broader view of quality control, the people and the CRM system that best suits your business needs, you are able to gain a variety of competitive and performance advantages. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Enhance product and service quality

  • Improve on-time performance

  • Reduce costs

  • Boost client satisfaction

  • Consistently measure performance

  • Improve quality management

  • Drive continuous improvement

More and more companies understand that they need to arm their teams with critical customer, transaction, issue, and product information to improve service, to which the ability to track quality control issues have the potential to affect service level most significantly.

In the next and final part of this series, we will elaborate on this subject and illustrate how a CRM supports a quality control system, and also walk through an example of how customer service teams use Tickets to track quality control issues.

Look for our next part in this series, part III 'An Example of How Your Customer Service Team Tracks Quality Control"


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