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Attention Infor CRM users of Infor version 7.54, 8.2 or 8.3

You now have effective marketing automation tools running inside Infor CRM.  With the current availability of InboxGuru the game changes for marketers and sales professionals using Infor CRM.  We know that the core strength of Infor CRM is how well it customizes to each individual customer and how it brings in traditional back-office data from ERP into CRM.  With InboxGuru, the marketing system speaks directly to the entire Infor database including custom tables. Additionally the system leverages dynamic groups for enrolling individuals into drip and nurture campaigns.

Infor Dynamic - InboxGuru groups.jpg

You can now easily use Ad-hoc or dynamic groups of leads or contacts for lists to feed the InboxGuru marketing automation system and jump start enhancing relationships to get the right message, to the right people at the right time.  You could include people and company information to enhance the content of the marketing content.

Benefits for your business includes:

  • Work within Infor CRM since InboxGuru is built 100% inside your Infor CRM
  • Have your sales and marketing plan execute and align on prospect and customer communications.
  • Reduced complexity with eliminated need to sync contact data down to InboxGuru because it natively speaks to Infor dynamic groups. 
  • Use dynamic or ad hoc Infor Groups (or segments as marketers call them) which can automatically enroll people in a campaign based on changes to a record in CRM.  Groups like prospects in state of Michigan, contacts for Christmas card list,  My top prospects, company monthly newsletter subscribers, etc.
  • Easily track campaign activity inside Infor CRM
  • Leverage data and data changes in CRM to drive campaigns
  • More personalized campaigns lead to higher response rates
  • Send the right communications, for the right reasons, at the right time
  • Simple email design means less training and support required to master the system.


Yes, InboxGuru works inside Infor CRM.  Features include:InboxGuru menu.jpg

  • Drip Marketing and advanced Nurture Marketing
  • Email template and digital asset management
  • Sales engagement - Track when and for how long a sent PDF is opened and read.
  • Landing pages to capture leads, contact information or get contact feedback from a survey
  • Capture your web site activity and view which anonymous people at companies are interested
  • Provide individual sales reps with personalized workflow on how they want to communicate with leads and contacts
  • Lead scoring to measure who is the most interested.


InboxGuru Drip campaigns.jpg


Use a Visual designed for simple drip to complex nurture marketing campaigns

Multi-Step Drip and nurture designer.jpg

Results of the lead or contact become part of the person's History record.

Infor CRM contact or lead history from InboxGuru.jpg

Is your marketing working?

View up to date Drip Campaign Statistics

Drip Campaign Statistics.jpg

Read more about what this exciting marketing system can do to enhance the ROI of the Infor CRM system...


 Contact Us for more information or give Dick a call:   269-445-3001



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