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Make your business work smarter, Infor CRM, Infor Mobile, Upgrade SalesLogix 7.5 to Infor CRM 8.2,

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Infor CRM - Connected, Clear and Smart - View What's New

WOW lots of really helpful updates to report from this summer and for the near future.
Infor CRM has been actively planning and improving with a focus on three key strategic areas:  Connected, Clear and Smart.  The following is a quick summary view of what has been happening and will be coming to your world of Infor CRM.....

#1 Connected

Connected is about extending the reach of CRM to ERP's, collaboration, and the world of ION to create the first Agile Enterprise experience.  This allows companies to seamlessly connect the Infor software they use and create a truly unified experience for front-office and back-office.

With ION, you'll have full control of who can move information by role and by data ICBOE "document"


Sync for Exchange is coming soon that will enhance the management of your Outlook and CRM data.  It will use folders in your email client, irrespective of what device or email client used.

Additionally email processing easily can occur by dropping an email in your "Record to CRM" folder, thus letting Synch for Exchange manage emails with CRM.

 #2 Clear Work

Clear Work is a user experience designed for users to remove hassle and streamline common tasks by:

1) bubbling up information where possible creating east-to-use views

2) building interactions and designs around how people actually "do work', and

3). allowing users and admins to build the view around how they, specifically want to work.

How about faster views of what your business is doing with easily accessible KPI's?


Summary of Infor CRM 8.2 and Update 01


 #3  Smart

The smart concept of streamlining interactions but enabling the system to do the right thing and help complete simple and obvious things for the user.  The intent is to improve efficiency and limit manual entry of interactions to the absolute minimum.  It's about empowering the application to provide the brainpower and situational awareness.

It is about extending the 15+ years of industry use of configure, pricing and quoting to include fulfillment.  It's about a customer and dealer/distributor web portal for CPQ activity.

It's about now only having the quoting, sales order, product catalog and opportunities integrated in your full Web client of Infor CRM but also working on the mobile device.


Additionally Infor CRM Mobile will have Offline access where recently viewed items are cached for offline viewing for the purpose of not losing the material you are working on if you get disconnected from the internet. Use the "Prep for my Day" option to allow you to view the activities and entities/records associated to my activities for today while offline.  

Offline access will be very helpful for sales and service users who are not always connect to a good Internet connection.



Check out the Infor CRM - Connected, Clear and Smart webinar where you'll learn all about the latest Infor CRM product updates:

Get introduced to new Infor CRM features of:

  • Connected: Extending the Reach of CRM
    • ERP integrations plus 2-way quotes and orders
    • Social media integration using Ming.le for creation of Agile CRM allowing for extensive collaboration from CRM
    • ION, including what' new - workflow and Ming.le enablement
  • Clear: CRM designed to remove hassles and streamline common tasks
    • Mobile updated User Interface
    • Infor Xbar inside Microsoft Outlook
    • Configuration for Web
  • Smart: Streamlined interactions focused on improving efficiency, reducing manual inputs by an empowered application that provides brainpower and situational awareness
    • Infor CPQ - Configure, Price and Quote Integration
    • Single-step workflow
    • Mobile Offline

Register for our recorded webinar here.


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