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Infor CRM CloudSuite March 2020 Update

Latest updates about Infor CRM

In mid-March 2020 Infor released its latest update for the 8.4.x platform, update 03, known as Infor CRM Cloud Suite. The major enhancements are the new ability for quota and forecast management views that allow management of sales goals and tools to measure performance toward those goals.  Also, there is a snappier, more visually appealing user interface.  Additionally it was last December the related Infor Xbar for Outlook integration was released.

Download the Infor CloudSuite CRM Roadmap- March 2020, here.

Infor CRM 8.4 login update 03

New User Interface

The most obvious visual difference will be the richer blue, and sharper font which creates a cleaner visual user interface.  Also you notice three new "Sales" panel menu options relating to Forecast and Quota management.

Infor CRM New richer blue User Interface


New Quota and Forecasting capabilities

Before quota records are entered for a sales person, have your CRM Administration configure the "Office Profiles", new "Financial Settings" tab.  This is where the starting month of the fiscal year is selected and the time period range (Month/Quarter/ Semi-Annual, or Annual) is defined for the quota tracking system.

Infor  CRM 8403 Financial Settings for Quota management


Under the Sales panel workspace on the left side, there are 3 new menu options for the user.

Infor CRM new Quote and Sales forecasting capabilities


Use the left side panel's "Forecasts" menu option to view, add, and manage forecasts. Here is where you setup the specific Forecast records per sales person for a given time range. 

Forecast All Forecasts group list view


Use the left side panel's "Forecast Pipelines" menu option to observe various pipelines such as: by Account Manager, by Country, by Manager, by Product, by Region or by State.

Infor CRM Forecast Pipeline


Use the left side panel's "Quotas" menu option to view, add, and mange quotas. Here is where you setup the specific quota records per sales person for a given time range. 

Infor CRM Quota listing of All Quota group

Steps for Managing Forecasts

Right click on the "Forecasts" menu and select "New Forecast" option.

Infor CRM Add new forecast for sales person

Lookup the Sales person and enter the data range.  Click Save icon.

Insert Forecast record for sales person and time period

The Forecast detail record pops open.

Forecast record maintenance for sales rep

Note that all the opportunities that apply to this forecast record are shown under the "Opportunities" tab.

In the top right corner of the menu is a snapshot 'camera' icon which records the current status of this sales persons forecast.

Forecast - take a snapshot of active opportunitiy forecase

The snapshots for this sales person and time frame can be found under the "Snapshots" tab.

Forecast Infor CRM - snapshot from history

Under the Forecast "Audit" tab you'll notice the list of changes made to this sales person's forecast settings.

Forecast audit of changes made

Steps for Managing Quota's per Sales Person

Right click on the "Quotas" menu option and select "New  Quota" menu option to add a new Quota record for a specific sales person for a specific period of time.

Infor CRM Add New Quota record

Enter description of quota record, select the user who is sales person, enter dollar amount, click on "Active", and enter the data range. When correct press the Save icon.

Infor CRM Quota entry for new sales person and period of time


To speed up data entry for the remaining time periods use the top right menu option, "Copy Quota for the next period".  Adjust the dollars and date range then Save.

Copy quota to next period menu option Info CRM

Quota records can have the usual features found in Infor CRM such as specific groups of records and filtering options.

Infor CRM All Quotas group list Infor

Infor CRM Xbar version 4.0

Back in December 2019 the latest Infor Xbar 1.4 which resides as a CRM connecting panel inside Microsoft Outlook was released.  Read more here.

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