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Infor CRM April 2019 updates for version 8.4.01

Recently Infor released the long awaited updates to Infor version 8.4.0 which came to us in January 2018.  This April 2019 update is considered service patch one and bring over 14 months of needed resolutions.

NOTE:  for the latest Infor Xbar updated 1.3.9 from April 2019 see the last section of this article.

Features added in this update include:

  • New Help About box uses help that is hosted separately from the product
  • Performance improvement - inserting and updating Group Statistics
  • Contour for GPS ability is using an updated  Google API key
  • For GDPR email compliance, the Do not Solicit field on the Contact detail view is now selected by default.  It only affects new contact records.
  • Back Office implementations - Two Way Quotes and Sales Orders


All of the Infor CRM product updates are bundled into 3 different components.  Listed below are many of the issues that were observed in our clients Infor CRM systems.  The linked PDF's contain a detailed list of resolved issues and the steps to apply the updates to your 8.4.0 version.


1. SNC update 01 addresses the following issues:

  • The tool bar at the top does not refresh and is inaccessible without refreshing the screen, when you are on the Contact view and have minimized and then maximized the client. (There was an earlier available hot patch for Saleslogix.exe that fixed this issue).
  • Users cannot open attachments that they should have access to open.
  • When adding an opportunity from the Contact detail view, the contact in focus is added as the primary contact, but when a second contact is added and marked as primary both contacts are marked as primary.  Only one contact can be the primary contact for an opportunity.
  • Selecting the last visible item on a scrolling pick list selects the wrong item.
  • Attachments on an activity should display on the Attachment tab for an associated contact.
  • In the Database Manager, the right-click menu on a table record should have the option to Delete the table, not Delete View.
  • On the Notes/History tab, if you right click and select View History to view a history items with an attachment you cannot open the attachment.
  • If the attachment file name contains multiple periods, the Description is truncated.
  • In the Administrator, when granting a user access to another user's calendar the Add, Edit, Delete, and Sync values are not saved correctly.
  • In the Windows client when an account has more than 250 ticket records associated to it, the Tickets lookup group does not display properly.
  • When the Infor CRM client consumes approximately 2 GB of RAM, Out of Memory errors occur.
  • Updating an account address and selecting to update matching contact addresses updates addresses unrelated to the account or its contacts.
  • When a lead is created without a lead source, a LeadSourceID of 12 spaces is stored n the database which causes the error "No row with the given identified exits", if the lead is edited in the Web client.
  • Various updates for localized languages.
  • Miscellaneous updates to the Query Builder, Application Architect and CreateUnicodeDB utility.


Download:  Applying SNC Update 01 for Version 8.4 PDF.


2. Web Core update 01 addresses the following issues:

  • Saving a newly create Contact/Account cause the error message "When saving a contact, an account entity was expected but was not found" to display.
  • Attempting to save a new account and contact without entering the required information causes the expected validation warning, but even after adding the required information the record cannot be added.
  • When adding a new account, clicking save more than once results in more than one new account record.
  • Intermittent skipping of records when navigating between Account Detail pages.
  • Updating account addresses and accepting the prompt to update associated contacts fails to update the associated contact addresses.
  • The ticket status filter does not show any filter items.
  • When a group is filtered, the record count is incorrect.
  • When saving long URLs as Attachments, an  SDATA error occurs.
  • Unable to attach a file with a "+" in the file name.
  • The default values for the Activity Regarding and Category are ignored.
  • Setting a default picklist item does not have any effect.
  • Changing the Account Manager for an account does not update the account manager for any associated contacts.
  • In Application Architect, changing the layout of a group with two filters with same field name, such as Account SubType and Contact SubType, causes the values of one filter to be populated with the value of the other picklist.
  • Under some some circumstances the updated data prompt does not appear where there are unsaved changes.
  • The Saleslogix Job Services frequently has an error in the EventViewer.
  • Running Web Reports against ticket or defect ad-hoc groups causes an "Unknown error in response to an HTTP request" error.
  • User names with apostrophes should be supported.
  • Selecting a filter for a group in a list view, causes incorrect counts to display for other filters.
  • On the Activities List view, selecting multiple activities to Complete and selecting the "Individually" option at the prompt, only one activity is opened to complete. After the first item is completed the remainder of the selected activities should open one after the other.
  • If a Sales process step is complete after 5PM, the Completed Date displays the next day's date.
  • Adding an attachment to a custom entity does not allow other user to view or access the attachment.
  • In the Account detail view, an error may occur if the Web URL field is greater than 60 characters.
  • Date based filters with type-ahead, display errors because they start processing before the entire date is typed.
  • When completing an activity from the calendar or activity list view, an Event log error occurs.
  • Exported CSV fields are not using commas as the delimiter.
  • Range filters do not display records with a value that falls between ranges.
  • When attempting to export All account records, a job service error occurs.
  • Context sensitive help for Infor CRM v8.4 Web Client is broken.
  • Running any opportunity report with a date range condition causes the error "There was an unknown error in response to an HTTP Request".
  • The Recently Viewed list does not display recently viewed records until the browser is refreshed.
  • In an environment with restricted bandwidth, when uploading an attachment file, after the progress bar has reached 100%, an alert titles "undefined" appears and disappears rapidly.
  • In the Architect, adding line breaks to a calculated field prevents all calculated fields displaying in the Web client.
  • If a user with the Team Owner Profile updates the Account Owner field to be the same Team that they own, an error is thrown.
  • In Xbar, on a Contact, selecting the All Open ticket group does not display any tickets for that contact.


DownloadApplying Web Core Update 01 for Version 8.4 PDF


3. Web Model update 01 addresses the following issues:

  • In the Tickets List view, the date field shows a date 1 day later than the actual date.
  • Updating an open opportunity to either Close-Won or  Closed-Lost, increases the Est. Close date by one day and sets the  Actual Date to the day before the date the opportunity was closed.
  • When adding an opportunity, removing more than one product causes the Web client to stop responding.
  • Text fields added in the Form Designer cannot be populated or edited by users.
  • When emailing the details of a ticket, the My Manager field does not display the signed in user's defined manager.
  • On the Contact detail view, unsaved changes to check boxes do not produce the unsaved data prompt.
  • Editing Picklists in Web Client creates duplicate picklist items.
  • Users created in the Windows Administrator do not have access to default groups.
  • On the Opportunity detail view Sales Processes tab, the Sales Process drop-down list is empty when loading the form.
  • In the Contacts list view, the contact's Birth date displays 1 day later than the birth date in the Contact detail view Details tab.
  • On the Opportunity Sales Process tab the Sales Process and Stages list do not populate when a sales process is selected in some cases.
  • The SlxClient portal web.config file is missing the section for setting the Max attachment size.
  • When a group is shared, upon reopening the Shard Group dialog box the list is blank.
  • Exporting a group with 2 or more of the same column in the layout cause the error "An error occurred requesting job manager. Field is a column or row field.  Can't add it to the PageFields collection.


Download Applying Web Model Update 01 for Version 8.4 PDF


So what does this mean for the business using the current Infor CRM version 8.4.0?

If the issues that you may be having are resolved, then simply follow the directions in the 3 PDFs.  Note there is one breaking change to the Sage.Platform.dll which may cause customization to not function properly if IDbCommand is being used.  Review the Web Core PDF for more on this.

Latest Infor Xbar updated 1.3.9 from April 2019.

Infor CRM has recently provided an updated Xbar version 1.3.9 with the list of a few enhancements and a list of bug fixes that have been resolved. 

Installing Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook PDF

Resolved Issues list in version 1.3.9 PDF

Having applied these updates to a few sites now, several of these annoying issues are resolved and a better client experience occurs.

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