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Increase User Adoption - Infor CRM inside your Microsoft Outlook

Getting Work Done with People

If you are always using your Microsoft Outlook and want to manage your day, while getting advanced insights of your business contacts and key accounts.  The latest Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) Xbar for Outlook 2010 or 2013 needs to be part of your processing.

This blog article is about the Member view (contacts linked in Outlook and Infor CRM). As you hightlight an email in your Outlook Inbox the linked contact in CRM in displayed in the Xbar panel on the right.  You can configure Xbar to show All the contacts as Member cards from the Outlook or just the From, To or Cc members.

A Member is anyone in the To, From, or CC fields in a Microsoft Outlook email.  If a Member is not already in the CRM database as a User, a Contact or a Lead, only their name and email address appears in the member card.


Member view - card

Member cards show a snapshot of what's important for you to know about each Member - the information you need right now.


Totems are the icon images listed under the contact/business name on each members' card.  When a totem is orange, click to jump to additional information about this member.


Tab Text - sits at the bottom of the Member card

  • Click Activities to expand a list of all your activities current, future, and past due. From this list you can complete an activity or click the bold text to get more information.
  • Click History to expand a list of completed activities.
  • Click Notes to expand a list of existing notes and type in new notes.
  • Click Dashboard to expand a visual summary of the potential revenue possible for this Member, any open Opportunities, and any Customer service Tickets.

Example of a contact Dashboard with total of potential dollars, count of open opportunities, and count of open tickets.


Xbar-Ask-icon Ask icon

is the four black squares on the top right of the Member Card. Click to:

  • Add or update Contacts and Leads.
  • Update Accounts
  • Create new Activities, such as meetings, phone calls, to-dos, and add notes.
  • Add Customer service tickets
  • Add Opportunities


Note that if the member is not already in the CRM database, the options will be new Contact or Lead.

Caution! - Save your entry before clicking on another email or information you entered or updated will be lost.

Summary Views

Contain widgets for working with Activities, Opportunities, Tickets, Contacts, and Attachments. When you want more detailed information about a Member, click the Member name or the Account Name to open a Summary view.  The widgets available will depend on where the summary view is opened from a Contact, User, Lead or Account.

Add Attachments

Drag and drop to the XBar Summary View Attachments Widget.  You can drag and drop email and attachments from Microsoft Outlook, as well as records from your desktop.

Xbar-Goto-CRM-recordShould you need additional information or want to get the full Infor CRM experience, click on the upward arrow icon.  It will go directly to that person in either your Windows LAN version or Web version that you have running.

Getting Around


Finding Record Fast


Click on the 3 lined icon in the top left to open the Global menu:

  • Click the Global Search to search in the CRM database for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Tickets, and Opportunities.  Type in your search term, select the checkbox for the record types to include in the search, and then click the magnifying glass icon.  There is no restricting on the Search field. Use the scroll bar to see all of the Member records returned by your search.


  • Click the Search Accounts or Search Contacts to search by Account only or by Contact only.  Type in your search term and then click Search.  Your can filter your search by field and by operator (Contacts, Starts With).

Example search for contact name containing "Wooden":


Sounds Interesting?  Ready to start a conversation and view a demonstration?  Click the link below.

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