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Increase Sales Effectiveness - Infor CRM E-Marketing

Get to know your current and perspective clients better with the help of integrated technology as a powerful solution for increasing sales effectiveness.

NOTE: For the latest- check out InboxGuru as the Swiftpage marketing automation suite that works directly with Infor CRM (Saleslogix).  Metrics matter and can prove which parts of a marketing campaign is delivering results.


Drip Campaign Statistics

This is a much new Infor CRM and ACT CRM - true marketing automation integrated system.  Inbox Guru even provides business decision workflow capabilities. 

Event marketing flow - Inbox Guru


Inbox Guru from Swiftpage gives users the ability to reach out to their contacts, grow their database, qualify leads, empower sales teams, and automate sales and marketing practices.

You can easily put your client and prospect interactions to work, sending actionable, "trackable" messaging at the appropriate time.

Less worry....  Your e-mail is sent through Swiftpage's powerful and reputable servers ensuring you remain compliant with the latest spam laws and increasing the likelihood your e-mail will reach the Inbox.

Happy Sales Professionals

Would you like a list of the most interested contacts in easy view?  How about an easily accessible up-to-date call list? Work directly from the call list or from within Infor CRM.

Call history from Sales pilot InboxGuru-1

Infor CRM History main view Inbox Guru results

How to Increase Sales Effectiveness:

  • Automatically send e-mails on new promotions, new products, etc., on behalf of sales reps to free up their time to sell!
  • Create a ranked list of contacts most interested in your communications based on open and click rates and send this to sales.
  • Automatically schedule phone calls and meetings for sales reps based on campaign results so hot leads don't fall through the cracks.
  • Send surveys to further mine valuable data for marketing and product development teams.


HINT:  What I find helpful is to watch the entry of new interested prospects on this list in the "Cold" category.  Then notice their rise up to "Warm" and to "Hot"..... you know what they like and you know when the increased interest level rises! Now you can respond when the prospect is ready and warmed up...


 NOTE: For the latest- check out InboxGuru as the Swiftpage marketing automation suite that works directly with Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

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