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Knowledge Sharing and Relationship Development

As a business grows, new challenges and opportunities arise.  Smart business leaders use these as areas of business improvements.

One of the most problematic is a lack of information sharing. Important data gets trapped in silos (stand-alone applications or spreadsheets) and does not flow easily between people, departmecare-and-feeding-crm-resized-600nts or between systems.  

The sharing of knowledge of prospects and customers with business automation will help to make your business work smarter.  Additionally you can continually use this intelligent information from CRM in the care and nurturing of people relationships.  

All the hard work that goes into knowledge captured can be shared and transferred more effectively.

We'd like to share knowledge from our friends at Fisher Technology and what you can get accomplished with the use of TaskCentre Integration Technology. 

3 important benefits of integrating email marketing with CRM software.

1.   Better Visibility and Faster Response Time

Let’s say your marketing team uses Hubspot and your sales team uses Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) CRM. When these two systems are integrated and seamlessly sharing data, information stored in Hubspot about prospects that have opened email or clicked an offer can automatically be transferred to Saleslogix for immediate follow up.

The sales team doesn’t have to wait for weeks to get campaign results or reports from the marketing team. In fact, a “hot lead” can trigger an automated business alert so that your sales team can respond in real-time, strike while the iron is hot, and close more deals.

For example, Infor CRM with InboxGuru provides a Sales Pilot capability to help your sales team set and execute on a series of phone and email communications for large or small sales teams. Marketing can provide expertise for valuable and consistent call scripts that are easily personalized.

2.     Closer Collaboration and More Effective Teamwork

Your email marketing and CRM systems are like your sales and marketing teams – they are more effective when they work together. When sales knows which campaigns the marketing team is running, and when marketing knows when to pass leads off for follow up, the whole becomes far more effective than the sum of the parts.

In benefit #1 above, we talked about sales having visibility into marketing data. Well,  the same collaboration and integration is effective in the other direction.

When sales reps interact with customers or prospects, they often update important information in the CRM system. If the marketing team (and the system they use) is also up-to-date with current customer demographics and other data coming from CRM, their campaigns go out to good clean data and the marketing effort becomes more targeted, relevant, and effective.


3.     Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry and Errors

Anytime you’re managing multiple business systems that are disconnected, the duplicate data entry and errors that result from manually transferring information from one application to the other is a huge problem.

So not only does the accuracy of data improve in both systems when you integrate email marketing and CRM, you eliminate loads of tedious data entry and free up time for your sales and marketing teams to focus on driving revenue.


Next Step: Eliminate the Integration Headaches with TaskCentre

As your company grows, the task of managing multiple business applications seems inevitable. But the headaches that result from sharing data between systems doesn’t have to be if you leverage integration technology like TaskCentre.  For the complete article by Nicole visit here. 

For the past 10 years Fisher Technology have promoted the benefits of automating and integrating business process. We understand that Customers do not want to get caught up in technology terminology, they just want a solution that enables them to run their business more efficiently, have information accessible to key personnel, enable them to offer fast efficient customer service and seamlessly nurture their customers and prospects. That’s why our tag line is ‘What do you want to Automate?’.   

Contact Us for more information or give Dick a call:   269-445-3001


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