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People cannot buy what they are not aware of.  Even your existing customers are too busy to know what ways you can help and the products and services you also have. The average awareness is 25%. 

75% of existing customers don't know. You haven't systematically communicated everything else that your existing customers can buy from you!  A slight increase in awareness catapults sales.  Aim for improvement not perfection.

Action Steps to Take: During every interaction with existing customers ask: "Did you know we also do ...."

Example of action steps:

  • During Phone calls
  • In Emails
  • In Ads
  • In Meetings
  • In Proposals
  • On Email Signature Lines 
  • In New Product or Service Literature

Did you know that Success with CRM Consulting also provides:

  1. Emarketing Services - so you can extend your reach to all your contacts.  Keep them informed of the benefits and value from your offerings. Sales reps love automated eMarketing & hot interested prospects.
  2. Contact list merging, de-duplication filtering, sorting and classifications into target lists for specific proposes. This saves time and fustration for sales and customer service.
  3. Digital tools to track customer service/support issues, identify resolution and categorizations to point out trends and patterns that need fixing.
  4. Digital tools to track Membership Lists like church and community organization.  Several non-profits use CRM.
  5. Digital tools that are used to identify sales opportunities, track steps in a sales/buyer process and forecast future revenue.  Sales representatives and sales management enjoy focus on what is important to generate revenue.
  6. Have digital executive management dashboard to visually spot growing areas of the business and also where management needs to be focused.
Read more on the Business Benefits of CRM...

Additional we provide:

  • Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytic tools that present graphical views where trends are spotted. Data can be accessed from multiple sources:  accounting, Production, Shipping, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales.  You can click and easily filter to perform 'what if' analysis.

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