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Inbox Guru for Infor CRM helpful new updates

In late June InboxGuru released a group of helpful and cool features.  Check these out and how you can get more done, less noise and extend your reach with InboxGuru marketing automation for Infor CRM.


Personal Lists - Custom Fields

Personal Lists - Segmentations

Nurture Campaigns - Send to more than one list

Nurture Campaigns - Exclusion Lists

Web Activity Suppression lists


Here is the detail on one of my favorite features to cut down on the unproductive noise and web activity alerting.... 

Suppress Web Activity and Web Activity Alerts

You can now suppress incoming web activity and web activity alerts by the Organization name, email address, or IP address.  We have found this helpful when there appears to be a email address or specific IP address is the spamming your web site or just causing unneeded noise.

To add members to the suppression list, access InboxGuru Administration and select "Suppression Lists - Web Activity"

Supression Lists - Web Activity.png

You will see a screen like this for managing web suppression list:

Manage suppression list.png


To add a new member to this list, select "Add Member" in the top right corner.  You will see a screen similar to this.

Add IP to suppression list.png

Enter an Organization name, email address, or IP address depending on your preference. and select "Add Members"

That's it !   No more noise from this web activity.


To understand each category use this...

Inbox-Guru-Web Suppression types.png


Other updates...

  • Sales Pilot can now create a "Call Task" in Infor CRM with call templates.
  • You can now change the main "Send To" list if still in draft mode.
  • The option to send to one list or multiple lists has been removed from the nurture creation screen.  You can now add additional lists at any time.
  • Email templates will now use the Mailchimp merge fields of |MC:SUBJECT| |MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|
  • Landing Pages now support a "hidden field" type
  • Email editor now supports auto-save at 15 minute increments.
  • Email editor now allows you to revert to previously saved email drafts.
  • You can now have more than one Mailchimp account.  


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