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Now you will have the benefits of the latest update of Creatio (formally bpm'online) 7.14.3 available. Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period.  For on-premise customer see the link below under "Resources".

New features and improvements include:

Business processes:

For more agile access rights management, there is the ability to grant different levels of access rights for running business processes. You can now set up permissions to run business processes using the new “Can run business processes” (CanRunBusinessProcesses) system operation. All users have permissions to perform this operation by default.

Data management:

The calendar performance is optimized. With this update, you can move activities around easily in the [Calendar] view, even if there is a considerable number of activities displayed.

Bulk duplicate search version 1.3 has been released. The new version resolved the issue when the search process would not stop in time in the event of failure.  The new fail-safe mechanics will properly stop the duplicate search process. You can then start the process again.

When merging duplicates, users can preview images (such as account logo or contact photo) and select which image to save in the final merged-to record.


Also, there is the ability to display the email preview on the Edit detail when analyzing communication history. Simply hover over an email record to quickly get a preview of the message body instead of having to click and open another form.




Mobile application:

The mobile app will now sync with the core bpm'online application much faster. Also, dashboards filtered by "day", "week" and "month" will now display data taking into account the user's time zone.

On-site update utility:

On-site users can now leverage the new utility designed to simplify the application updating process. Here are the advantages of this new utility:

  • Compatibility with all supported DBMS - MS SQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL.
  • Support for all bpm'online versions, starting with version 7.8  - users can immediately update the application to the latest version, regardless of the current system version.
  • One-click ability to download the entire structure of distributions and scripts needed for the current update.
  • Automation of processes that were performed manually.


Please note, if you are currently implementing a project for your client, you need to update your development environment to the latest system version, which can be done by following the simple instructions on Creatio academy.

Please, make sure your Creatio mobile application is updated to the latest version for the best performance.


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How to update Creatio on-site using the new utility

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades available- bpm'online release notes 7.14.3 PDF

Creatio upgrade instructions user guide PDF

Summary of 7.14.3 updates PDF

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