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How to update a group of records in Creatio CRM

At times in your CRM database you may find data that you wish to update and there is just too many records to process manually.  So bpm'online business process usage can come to the rescue and business process management is already built into the CRM. Hurrah!   

The general steps is to determine the conditions that must be met for a group of records to apply. Next determine the new value for replacement and then simply run the process. You can also copy the process for easy modification for a similar updating process.

In this example we will solve the need to modify the Address country to become "United States" for any records that are not yet filled in, i.e. no country has been entered.

From the main page select "Processes-> Process designer".  Typically this is done by the CRM Administrator or someone with permissions to create and run the process.

Process designer menu

From the left-side panel, drag the "System Actions"-> "Modify data" element and drop right after the starting circle as shown below.  Also click into the very top area and change the default process name of "Business process 1" to a meaningful name for this process.

Add Modify data element to new process

Click on the newly added element and then modify the properties on the right-side panel as shown below:

  • It is a good practice to give the data element a helpful name
  • Select "Which object to modify data of".  In this case it will be data in Account address.  Note there is also Lead address, Contact address, etc.
  • Select "Modify all records that match condition" and select the Country field and instead of = sign, click on the equals sign and change the condition to "Is not filled in".

Country is not filled in

  • Select "Which column value to set for modified records" and again pick the Country field.  Select "Lookup Value" from .Modify element replacement selection where to get the replacement value.
  • The lookup you want to select is Country.
  • Pick "United States" from the list of Country values


This is what the final set of properties should look like.


Modify data element-setting properties


Finally press the "Save" button and then the  "Run" button to start the process.

Run process

View the process log:

Process log result


From the Processes menu, select "Process library"   Process library from Process menu  and a list of current processes will be shown. Select the process and note the options to Open, change Properties, Copy, Delete, Deactivate and  Run.


Process library


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