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The unknown is scary, isn’t it? What’s hiding in the dark that we can’t see?

Will a skeleton jump out and do us in?  Where can I safely step?Low Key Shot of a Scared and Filthy Brown Haired Child

Fright from the unknown in business lacks the amusement of the playful kind that makes Halloween fun for trick or treaters. When we face the uncertainty of scary decisions, we tend to imagine the worst that could happen. And then right before our eyes, that imaginary monster transforms into a barrier, and we decide nothing at all.

Underneath the scare, two things could be lurking:

Lack of clarity on first things. Maybe you know theoretically what best business practices are, but you need more clarity to implement them. First things first – until you define your business issues, set priorities, and access resources and advice, making a significant “system” purchase will indeed seem like a monster. Not to mention, how will the implementation process go, and will it deliver the desired outcomes? One question raises another. You’ll need to peel them back.

A frightening first experience. Maybe you’ve seen a CRM demonstration that looked so foreign, so difficult, and so unconnected to your business that you got scared of even taking the next step. (Salesforce, for instance, can come across this way. This experience has been known to cause a business to run scared from all further research into any other solution as well.)

Because of the fright of the unknowns, you may be stuck – frozen, if you will – at the status quo. Yet status quo now becomes a trap, holding you back and becoming painful itself, because it doesn’t allow the progress you and your business need to continue success.

So you have been handed the reins of a new software selection project and you get overwhelmed on where to begin...


How to get past the scariness of a big business decision like a software purchase? We’ve got six steps to suggest:

  1. Understand and communicate the current business culture. Identify how are the people involved - prospects, customers & staff being engaged and involved in communications.

  2. Clarify your strategic objectives and define what next actions steps will be the most impactful.

  3. Find a trusted CRM partner to collaborate with you in designing, training, and rolling out the solution.

  4. Lay out a step-by-step process for implementation. Identify what steps can be optimized in real use case scenarios.

  5. Define a road map to follow that, en route to the destination, allows for some exploratory and enjoyable “side trips” into improvement options that can make additional impacts and improve the experience of the people who will be using the CRM system.

  6. Walk through the pilot phase with a guide. (Remember, even self-guided tours follow a map or outline provided by someone who has been that way before.) During this “tour,” provide a hands-on environment where members of your team can review the process, perform some what-if testing, and learn by doing without any danger or scariness of screwing anything up.

Move out of the dark and into a better future

We’ve been through the CRM decision hundreds of times with our clients, and as your Success with CRM partner, we will guide you through to choosing and using to its fullest benefit, a solution that will positively impact your business practices and data. We can share with you what other clients have done to make remarkable progress and collaborate with your team to solve problems and design improvement objectives. Together we’ll shine a light on your people, your processes, and your current operations, all of which are crucial factors in eliminating the scary unknown. And we are here to review progress over time, share new discoveries, and create better ways to get the right things done. 


woman and guy communicating- 600


More about making better decisions.....

We look forward to listening to your stories and visions of a better future, then partnering with you to make them a bright reality. No tricks here – just the treat of sharing in your success.

The office line is open:  269-445-3001

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