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How to Succeed at Digital Transformation: 4 Ways Low-Code Breaks the Barriers

How fast on your business feet are you?

To compete in the 21st century, you’d better be able to adapt to change on a dime. Customers and employees both have come to expect an instant yet personal digital experience in companies they choose to deal with. What you choose to include in your tech stack will be a deciding factor in whether your transformation accelerates or stalls.

We think you’ll benefit from information presented in a recent webinar by Creatio (formerly bpm’online), a leader in CRM technology.

In it they identified the biggest challenges businesses are facing in transforming their digital capabilities and then talked about how a low-code solution can provide a platform to automate business ideas faster and easier. Here are the high points:

Challenges to Digital Transformation

Expense: The figures they shared are astounding: Businesses are forecasted to invest at least $7.4 trillion on digital experience technology in the next four years. (from IDC)

Employee Engagement

One of the speakers, Eric Hale of Creatio, said that while, yes, the customer experience is super important, too often the employee experience is overlooked. No one wants to invest in new technology only to have employees balk at using it. Paltry user adoption is the most common reason a large-scale change program doesn’t reach its goals.


Plus, disengaged employees cost US companies

up to $5.5 billion per year, says The Engagement Institute.


Inadequate Management Support

Changing mind-sets and behaviors must align with corporate values and vision, and if change is to be more than superficial, it must be seen to start and be supported from the top

Minimal Cross-Functional Collaboration

If the change project is taken on solely for the benefit of one department – sales, for instance -- it will fall far short of its transformative potential.

How Low-Code Supports Business Transformation

Low-code means apps can be created within the solution without heavy IT involvement. Creatio has recently been recognized by CRM Checklist 2020 as leading the way in “citizen-developer” software.

Cost savings

The combination of the business process engine Creatio CRM is built on and its low code design means fewer licenses and subscriptions to other solutions are needed to support both customer-facing and internal, back-office functions. Plus, overburdened IT teams are freed to work on larger projects instead of the minutiae of developing forms and interfaces.

Improved Employee Engagement

We have always said that the success of any CRM implementation is 60 percent people, 30 percent processes, and 10 percent technology. Creatio is uniquely tuned in to how users actually want it to work, and the user interface shows it. Low-code makes it possible for any company to continuously find and implement new and better ways to work.


Engaged employees make businesses 21 percent

more profitable, according to Gallup


Management confidence

When management sees the benefits and power of low-code Creatio CRM, we have seen them become highly motivated to support its full implementation across all departments and make it part of the corporate culture. Workflows are simplified, guided, and in many cases automated, with AI and machine learning providing insights about how to improve processes in both internal and external user experiences. Leaders get robust analytics that empower agile decision-making. Time to market for any new business idea is quicker, too.

Genuine Collaboration

No more silos. From front office to back end, everyone has access to the information they need without duplicate entry, transfer of data, or constantly bouncing between multiple providers. You end up with happier customers and employees, and operational efficiency is optimized. Departments can learn from each other easily because each organization using Creatio can create their own library of businesses processes, including rules and logic.

Next Action Steps

What is holding you back from digitally transforming your business to fully compete? Which of the benefits we’ve listed would mean the most to you? You can watch Creatio’s whole webinar here.

The video covers the top use cases of leveraging low-code technology to accelerate customer-facing and operational processes.

Then book a free strategy call with us, and let’s talk about how to get you accelerating. Dick @ 269.445.3001

Schedule a Call with Dick


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