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How to mass update email access rights using Creatio business processes?

Key Tip when setting up new users email integration with Creatio:

Creatio email access rights are set per the users email mailbox setup.  By default, Creatio sets these access rights for Read, Write and Edit to the specific user only.  If the user doesn't ADD the 'Read Access' right to 'All Employees' role, other users won't have the ability to view valuable email communications that could leave these users unaware of the full picture.  


Creatio Mailbox Setup for access rights



A user forgot to update their mailbox access rights to include the role 'all employees' to read emails and used the default settings. As time goes by other users notice that they are not seeing all the email communications for a customer.  Users need the ability to view all the emails attached to the customer. How do you mass update the email aces rights for thousands of email records?


Create a simple business process that that uses the 'Change Access Rights' element. Select the activity object, filter for Type= Email, and select the 'Created On' date you want to start the process to run from. Run the business process.  Now all users with the role 'all employees' can view ALL attached email history across the CRM platform.


Creatio Business Process for mass updating access rights for email2

Dick Wooden and I help businesses develop a system for managing and visualizing business processes. This is all done via the cloud-based Creatio CRM software, allowing companies to integrate customer relationship management capabilities with business process management.

Our team is here to help guide you in the selection, integration, implementation, tailoring, training, and optimization of your Creatio. 

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