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Creatio updates, Creatio MarketPlace

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How to keep your installed Marketplace apps updated

Creatio Dev labs has released a new application business process to keep your installed Creatio Marketplace apps up to date.  This process will notify the system administrator about updating the solution from the Marketplace, when that solution has an update.

Marketplace notification app

Find this Marketplace notification application here.

Marketplace notification on application update for Creatio allows you to receive notification directly to Creatio about updates of the Marketplace solution that is installed in your system.

Use cases:

The add-on will be useful for those who use Marketplace solutions and want to have installed a current version of the products.

Key features:

  • regular checking for updates on the Marketplace of the installed solution;
  • notification of all users of the "System Administrator" role about the availability of a new package of the solution on the Marketplace.

How to setup:

1. Start the process.  Go to "System Designer"-> "Process library", and run the "Check installed application updates.

Check installed application updates

2. Get a notification.  Upon the found update of the installed solution on the Marketplace, a notification will be added to all users who have the "System  Administrator" role.

Find out what's new and maybe helpful:

To view the list of available of 'new' items to extend the functionality of the Creatio platform, select the "New" option from https://marketplace.creatio.com/

Creatio Marketplace new

Creatio CRM services   Here is how we can help you make sense of what you face.


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