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How to clean up duplicates in a Lookup list in bpm'online

Keeping your CRM information accurate for better decision results

One of the data maintenance options that needs to be performed at times is to clean up duplicated records in a lookup list like States, Cities, and so forth. This is especially important to do after you have imported data which may fill lookups will all values from your migrated source. 

Option 1:  One of the new features of version 7.14.3 is a new Lookup action to merge selected records.

Select "System Designer" then from System setup, click on "Lookups"

system setup lookups

Search for the lookup to clean up, such as "Cities".  This lookup of city shows two lookup records for the same city and state that need to be merged.



Select Actions ->Select multiple records.


Click on the records you want to merge.



Next under Actions it will show the number of selected records.  Under Actions select "Merge records"


Soon after the bpm'online process to merge is completed the user will be notified in the communications panel:


Enhanced option two:

Another tool that is helpful. Lookup records merging, is found on the bpm'online Market Place. The add-on is a simple tool for merging several lookups records into one without losing links to existing records in the objects which they are used in. The advantage of this tool is that the user can decide which one of the merged records is the 'master' and would override the others.

In this use case there is one record that is more complete since it contains the country.  This record therefore should become the master, final result.

Merge and select the master record

Next you need to select each record you want to merge and use the final icon option on the pop-up tools.  This tool bar is shown on the far right of the lookup records list.  Click icon for each record to be merged.

merge icon to select record


Now you have a new option to "Merge Records" showing the number of selected records. Press "Merge Records" button.

Merge Records with count and to process

Finally, you can select which of the records to keep as the master.  In this case the user would pick the "United States" record. Note that if you accidentally picked a record you did not want to merge then highlight the record and select "Exclude".

Select master record during merging

The merging occurs immediately and there is no automatic notification.


Looking for other helpful tools.  Let's start a conversation.


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