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Service Creatio, Creatio mobile, CRM for Nonprofit

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Help for organizations fighting against COVID-19-Service Creatio

Service Creatio is free for organizations fighting against  COVID-19

Alert for: Healthcare, charity, volunteering, governmental and similar organizations that are helping people and businesses fight against the COVID-19 pandemic....

The COVID-19 virus outbreak requires many organizations to react quickly, keep track of mounting requests, and automate processes to handle the increased workload without errors.

Therefore, Creatio has made a decision to offer Service Creatio, customer center edition to organizations working to stop the spread and/or mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 for free through October 1, 2020.


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If you have peers or prospects from healthcare, charity, volunteering, governmental, and similar organizations that are directly assisting people and companies with measures against COVID-19, please let us know or fill in the form. Also, please share this information in your network, so everyone, for whom it is relevant, can apply.

We (Creatio and Success with CRM Consulting) have always been committed to helping companies automate processes and accelerate operations and now more than ever we feel that we are obliged to help those on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 to be laser-focused on saving lives and let Creatio handle their routine tasks.

Service Creatio, customer center edition offers a single point of contact with integrated tools for omni-channel service, including email requests, call processing and comprehensive analytics. The product also offers functionality for business process management, knowledge management, case management, and more. These features will help organizations on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 react to requests quickly and in accordance with their rules and guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Powerful tools for request processing with agile queue settings and agent desktop
  • Business process management capabilities to easily design, automate and optimize service processes of any complexity for faster request processing
  • Omnichannel communication tools to keep track of all interactions
  • Analytics to keep track of agents efficiency and ensure transparency
  • A knowledge base to access all the guidelines and documents
  • Easy synchronization and integration with 3rd party tools (e.g. cloud telephony services, Google and MS Exchange services and many more)
  • A System Designer to customize and adjust the platform to your needs easily
  • A mobile app for a seamless access on the go

Call me if you have questions:  (269)-445-3001


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