People First - Success with CRM:

Over the years we have observed how a business can accelerate success when the business focuses on the customer first with a successful CRM support system. The whole organization is more engaged in providing extra value to the customer who remembers the positive experience.

The following are ways to think about what CRM in a successful business looks and sounds like:


  • Having a really big bank vault with lots of safety deposit boxes.  Each customer’s information is a safety deposit box that holds the treasured knowledge of your past commitments, the valued points of why they buy and secrets on how to serve them even better in the future.  Actually some boxes are bigger because they hold more history, more points of contact and more valued knowledge.
  • Having a bank that has 24 hour tellers who can be called upon to lookup customer information quickly and return a list of results you are looking for.
  • Having that calm, warm and helpful receptionist who guides your customers to the correct helpful resources and who provides a positive customer service experience that is remembered. You know that feeling when your questions are understood and you smile from the positive experience that you last remember.
  • Being the owner of the assets of the bank itself, so you can use the reward received from profitable customers who have been helped.
  • Having a personal assistant who notifies you of those important meetings, calls and commitments.  The assistant who just makes you look more professional.
  • Having a memory retention system similar to a bank vault with a 24 hour assistant (teller).
  • Having a trusted valuable asset that provides increases in value every day.  An asset that shows the appreciation of years of having loyal customer who value the problems you solve and opportunities you provide them.
  • Having a bumper crop of ideal, target customers You know – the ones that challenge you and reward you for your helpful education, advice, and product or service offering.
  • Repeatedly getting a “Thank You” from prospects and customers who religiously read your e-newsletter and is now interested in a deeper conversation about the solutions you provide.
  • Having your prospects and customers create a “most important” email Inbox folder just for your helpful and insightful e-marketing resources.
  • Having a tree with deep roots, because you have several people in your company who know something valuable about several people at your customer’s company.  The relationships among people are both deep and wide.
  • Having the weight of the world removed from your shoulders.  You now have a consistent and adaptable set of operational Atlas-World-Supportprocesses, a CRM system, in place. One that is easy to use, practical, accessible 24x7x365 and one that provides valuable insights daily.  You are now able to make smarter decisions, faster.  You and your business now looks more professional.
  • Having a recipe to avert dangers – in getting, keeping and growing profitable customers, year after year.
  • Sharing the secrets of winning against your competitors with your friends at the Golf Club.
  • Knowing so much more about your best customers that you can predict their next request. Better yet, the things you know easily lead you to more of the same ideal prospect type accounts.
  • Having a favorite, good book that will provide focus, clarity and answers to keep you on the right track.
  • Having a trusted advisor who provides new insights and can help guide your business to both smarter strategic objectives and actionable next steps.
  • Having an initial inventory of good, bad and ugly customers and then serving the best ones which will grow your business and reducing the less desirable customers who are best served by another business.
  • Having a business partner that can apply years of business knowledge and how your business can accelerate its success with CRM.
  • Having a “Vision Realization” system - one that really turns your vision into a long-term, valuable reality. Nothing is more powerful than seeing your vision come to life and knowing you have a "system" that works day in and day out for growing a more profitable business.




What does it mean to you when having greater business success?


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