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Guess less - grow more profitably

There ought to be a better ways to connect with customers and prospects about what they are most interested in so you don't have to guess as much and you can grow business more profitably. With the integration of Swiftpage emarketing into Act! v16 and Saleslogix we are sharing some friendly Road_to_Successadvice compliments our business friends at Swiftpage. Here is a handful of insights to get growing with Act! or Saleslogix emarketing so you can focus on what you love. 

Our love is helping business professionals develop positive relationships among employees, customers and prospects and definitely providing the tools to make it easier and smarter doing so. 

This article is inspired by by Kali Hanford at Swifpage, read full copy here.

#10. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Test, test, test.  Be certain you email looks as intended by sending test emails across desktop and mobile platforms.  You should also send your email through a spam checker before sending to recipients.


#9. Open sesame. You don't have to be a genie to get a response.

Many times subject lines are the only thing recipients see before deciding to open an email or move on to other emails.  Write subject lines that are concise, attractive, and revelent to the content of your email.


#8. Win Mr(s). Congeniality.

Your email communications should carry the same tone of voice and personality as your other marketing efforts. Take time to identify your tone of voice and use it across communications.


#7. Too much?  Too little? Get you email frequency just right!

Manage expectations for your email communications so your recipients know when they’ll hear from you next. Deliver on those expectations with a specific cadence, such as a weekly update or a monthly newsletter.

#6. Can you hear me now?

Be persistent with your email marketing. Follow up with non-openers and test optimal send times to get the best response.Quickly followup with those most interested.



#5. Bee smart. Drive email opt-ins with cross-channel pollination.

Build your list by integrating with other marketing channels such as social media sites or direct mail. Drive consumers to a landing page or website and encourage them to sign up for email communications.


#4. All hail King Content!

Send interesting and informational content to readers interested in your product or service. Include links to your website where they can make a purchase decision.


#3. Get personal.

Create smaller segments within your email list and customize your emails based on the specifics of each segment. Include personal details such as their name and purchase history to show you know them and care.


#2. Be the early bird.

Use Call List’s  intelligently prioritized lists of your most engaged recipients to make “warm” follow up calls with specific customers by sharing the Call List with your sales team. Go catch that worm.


#1. Obtain permission FIRST!

Before sending marketing email, you should gain permission. Sending unsolicited email is illegal in some countries and could land you in the junk mail folder.  Simply use the Do Not Email check box in your CRM to indicate permission or not.


Not an Act! or Saleslogix emarketing user yet?  Give us a call: 269-445-3001 or start here.


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