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Grow Smarter - CRM Integration for Greenhouse Nursery

Using CRM to Extend Existing Key Business StrategyGrow_Smarter.jpg

A recent client is well known for their great customer experience in obtaining accurate pricing, product
availability and ease of placing orders. 
Their Picas Greenhouse Production software capabilities handle financial, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management.  


The production software did a good job with taking their product and getting it to the customer. However, the relationship communications with their customers were lacking. There is a need to have a systematic approach to consistently attract, retain and grow profitable customers. There was a need for the core capabilities of CRM - customer relationship management system.  An integrated systems approach is required in today's connected world.

Problems that needed a solution:

  • A process to capture the selling activity of sales reps and their knowledge about the prospects and customers they were serving. This customer intelligence needed to be shared in various departments.
  • Improved marketing by segmenting customers into groups for a direct mailing of seasonal catalogs and preorder product availability.

  • Gaining a competitive advantage of more efficient and faster inventory turns - sales of products.

  • A system to help the dispatch team understand the special instructions of the delivery for an efficient distribution of products.

  • Lack of customer nurturing capabilities in their industry's production software.
  • A process to capture and use valuable customer referrals.


Value of Integrating with CRM

An Aberdeen Group study found that businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase in annual revenue compared to others.

Integration with business management applications, desktop productivity tools and web services empowers everyone in your organization – from sales and marketing, to accounting and finance, to support and shipping – to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.



By implementing an adaptable and integrated CRM system, they now have the capability to solve these problems.  Our firm specializes in helping businesses use a contact management system like Swiftpage ACT or for more capabilities, Infor CRM,  to acheive these types of business objectives.


Let's talk about creating a better future with a well-used, purpose-built CRM system for your business.

Get Started with Success with CRM

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