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The definition of an "Educator" is a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.  From the perspective of a professional educator -this is how we define ourselves to our CRM clients.  A well-used CRM has education build in from the start.

What a Trusted and Valued CRM Educator ProvidesHands_Apple

  • Education of your organization's people about better ways to sell, market and service their current customers and their prospective customers.
  • Ways to identify ideal buyer profiles and track those characteristics in the CRM system.  Who do your staff love to serve?
  • Education on ways to connect by automated eMarketing to stay top of mind with prospects and customers.
  • Education of interested and concerned business professionals on the value of knowing your customer, their buying habits, their decision process and the why's and how's they like to do business with you.
  • How to tailor make CRM for their businesses.  It may be terminology, screen prompts, menus or reporting changes.
  • How to set up and use sales processes successfully because they related to the customers buying process.
  • Education for new clients about redesigning their sales, marketing and customer service operating processes now that they have more advanced tools with an adaptable, relational database.
  • Transfer knowledge to our clients about ways to improve their business and operate their CRM software to achieve their strategic objectives.
  • How to use the knowledge within their CRM about their people, prospects and customers to measure performance, look for trends and make smarter, timely business decisions.
  • Education on what works - learn best practices and to hear what doesn't work.
  • Finally, to educate them on a regular basis about other possible improvements from related technology updates, CRM add-on's, integrated apps and CRM software upgrades.




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