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Workflow Improvements, BPM-Business process management, Business Process Automation

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Getting Things Done - Business Process Tools to the Rescue

One of the key business drivers for our clients is the ability to consistently get more things done in less time, especially those tasks that are currently using an employee whose time can be better utilized.

Ideally, if they had a method, a system, to automate common operational tasks that include enhancing workflow processes and implementing logical decisions, the better! 

How about advanced business alerts in areas such as:


For the contact management and customer relationship management areas, several tasks can benefit from business process automation.  Consider

  • The automatic importing of a sales lead from a website landing page form into your CRM system would verify that the email address does not already exist and then update or create a new lead record.  Additionally, it would link the new lead request to the most appropriate sales agent and alert that person of the new lead.
  • Creating sales management reports for the field sales force of open opportunities and emailing the reports for viewing on their laptops or mobile phones.
  • The alerting of the sales account manager of new service issues or recently resolved service tickets lets them have a more proactive conversation with the customer.  Maybe a special alert for those all-important, ideal "A" customers!

Yes, there are solutions and tools, commonly called business process management, BPM, that enable organizations to cost-effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

Why business process management CRM?

  1. Adaptability for change with the consistency of work
  2. Marketing, sales, and service production are on a single platform
  3. Institutionalize best practices
  4. Provide repeatable processes to improve time and cost-effectiveness
  5. Agility to change processes in CRM faster than ever
  6. One common user interface that increases user adoption and use
  7. The powerful business process management engine
  8. One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions
  9. Create deployment flexibility: cloud and on-premise deployments

Read more about our Business Process Professional services...

Creatio's business process management is a powerful CRM with technology that integrates business applications, enabling organizations to automate virtually any employee-driven business process.

So HELP your employees by automating tasks that will allow them to put their strengths and skills to better use.  Provide the tools to increase their productivity and enhance engagement with your customer community.  Now that is - business accelerated with technology!

What operational processes in your business, if automated, would benefit yourself and your business success?

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Topics:   Workflow Improvements BPM-Business process management Business Process Automation

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