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How to be productive NOW - building relationships while getting work done.

So you have a few minutes to take a peek at your smart phone. Maybe you are waiting for an appointment, maybe between phone calls or maybe at the STOP light...  Yes we all have done it.

Wouldn't it be Cool if I can glance at my smart phone and refresh my memory of important details?

How about as I talk, the words become text when I'm entering follow up notes from a recent meeting?

This is Now possible with Infor CRM mobile.


By default your first view will be "My Activities" for this week.  A quick glance produces a WOW that appointment with Jim at Allied Corp is in 11 minutes. I better get this car parked and get to his office now.

Also I can get reminded that I am to call Scott about that follow up proposal meeting.  Good thing I did not forget about Scott, he really values being informed and kept in the loop.

It looks like I have 2 minutes so from this screen I have an icon that allows me to update the opportunity from yesterday.

I tap the icon which opens up the activity and tap on the notes window. My tiny keyboard comes up but because I'm using the Google Chrome browser, also a microphone can be used.  

As I talk my words magically appear in the notes window.  Now that is Cool!

Get better informed NOW:

Now maybe I want to quickly check out a bit more information about that meeting in 11 minutes. I can tap on the down arrow for the activity and an Activity tool bar appears. I can drill into the details of my contact, Jim or the specific opportunity or even check on what has been happening for the entire Allied Corporate account.  Maybe that sticky product availability issue got resolved and I can update Jim during the meeting.

Of course there are options to make a call directly to Jim and let him know my timely arrival or if there is a delay. I could tap the "Add attachment" icon to link that photo of Jim I captured from Linked-In.

By the way, the meeting went well and Jim appreciated the updates on product availability.  Looks like we are moving forward to a full roll-out to Allied Corporation Dealer network.  I simply click on "Complete' and update this activity.  It will sure look good on my Sales call report when the Regional Manager wants to know, NOW what I have been doing all week.  Yes Saleslogix mobile allowed me to capture what I was getting done in NOW time.  That is the way my sales team works, how about yours?Saleslogix_mobile_Activity_tool_bar


Special Note:

One of the more productive features of the Chrome web browser is that Google build in intelligence for the speech to text translation and added the microphone on the virtual keyboard.  I would recommend simply downloading the free Google Chrome browser for your smart phone and tablet to use with your latest Saleslogix CRM system.


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