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Get daily insight into who your emails reach and when

A sales cycle if full of unknowns.  We can clear up a few things for you.

One of the helpful and smart features of InboxGuru marketing automation system with Infor CRM is the "Daily Report Alert" that each person gets in their Inbox for the prior day's sent emails. This includes:

  • A count of the emails opened compared the number of emails sent to be tracked
  • A count of the embedded links what were clicked from within the email, such as a link to your web site product page.
  • A count of the number of PDFs viewed that were attached to the tracked emails sent out.   This can help to determine if that important proposal was viewed.
  • A count of the number of YouTube videos viewed.
  • A count of the number of web pages viewed on your web site.

An instant way to sell smarter!

InboxGuru Alert - daily report alert.jpgInboxGuru-Daily Report Alert.jpg

InboxGuru-Daily Report Alert 2.jpg


Easily drill in to the Marketing Automation Portal with a click from within the Daily Alert Email.

As a sales person, you can quickly view the feedback from your emailing activity for a time range (Today, last week, last 30 days. etc.).  The list shows the recipient’s email address, what they did (open a specific email subject), date and time of the activity and a location from where on the planet.

Timely Email Open History.jpg


Use the "View  Activity" link to drill into the historical details of the communications.  Make a note of the communications frequency of engagement for each specific original email sent.

Email transactional history- 17 times.jpg


The "View Lead Card" link will show the details of this prospect.

Lead Card- Kuvana.jpg


Accelerate Your Sales  ---- Know what happened after you click send!


 Interested?  Contact Us for more information or give Dick a call:   269-445-3001


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