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From Selling a System to Becoming Trusted Advisor: Part 1

An Enabled Sales Force Gains Productivity

Our relationship with a company I’ll call Printing Pros started two years ago. The owner, whom I’ll call Mr. J, contacted us because their sales reps were actually begging for a customer relationship management system. He opted for ACT! 2011 when he saw how it would increase productivity and gain visibility into what the sale reps were doing.

Printing Pros started with a Windows-based database, but Mr. J realized quickly his sales reps were only in the office in the mornings. They needed 24/7 web access that gave them convenient access to their customer data any time, anywhere WiFi was available.

All his reps have smart phones now, so with the newest upgrade of ACT! Premium, they’ve gone mobile.

Productivity continues to increase. Now they don’t have to sit there in a customer’s office opening their laptop, waiting for it to boot up and get a connection, logging on, and finally getting to the information in the CRM database. Vital information is no longer being lost to those delays. And with timely access it is more accurate.

Now nine sales guys are using ACT! 2013 Premium. With a slide of the thumb, they can

  • read notes easier and faster than on the Netbooks they were using.
  • check their calendar to set a follow up appointment.
  • create opportunities.Sage ACT Premium Mobile

Technology Empowers Relationship Development...

If they end up with unexpected free time between appointments, ACT! 2013’s

Mr. J’s sales team was right to beg for a CRM system, and he has been smart every step of the way - in enabling his sales force.

In this post I’ve only told you some of the benefits his business has realized. Still to come: more about the ROI on the system. Plus, the story of how our ongoing relationship with Printing Pros benefits both them and us illustrates exactly why a long-view customer-centric philosophy works. 

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Look next week for Part II: From Selling a System to Becoming Trusted Advisor

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