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Freedom of Choice Rings True July 4th and in Best of CRM

Freedom of Choice Rings True Freedom_of_Choice_-Success_with_CRM-300.jpg

For America, July 4th has a very special place in our history and our culture.  It signifies our desire for freedom and the choices brave souls made over 240 years ago.  Having the "Freedom of Choice" pervades our lives and gives us options that many others across the world would love to have.

Daily my firm will have conversations with clients and prospects about choices they have available. We learn about the challenges they need to address and the advantages of valuable improvement opportunities. We'll share insights about what works for similar businesses scenarios and what has not worked. The 18 requirements of Success with CRM is a helpful checklist along with avoiding the three most expensive mistakes ebook.

 Our supported CRM Solutions provide Key Freedoms of Choice

  • You can choose how your CRM users will access your CRM system.  It may be as a common Microsoft Windows desktop application.  It may be accessed by popular web browsers and by various types of mobile devices.  Best yet, it can be all 3 methods so people will have what they best understand and best perform.

  • You can select the user experience that is best adaptable for highly adopted and well-used CRM. Menus can be streamlined, complexity hidden, enhancements added so the environment is tailored to the way your business works.  Read more about "Make CRM Sticky".

  • You can choose not to be stuck with limited canned reports and difficult tools to get information out into digestible dashboards and reports.  Make sure your system supports the use of Crystal report writing tool and ideally comes with the CRM system.  Reporting needs to have a scheduling capability and ideally have a way to keep historical snapshot of reports,
  • You can choose which capabilities, modules, components, integrations to implement, now and later into the future.  CRM does not need to be complex.  Start with the most needed basics and transform with additions gradually.

  • You can choose not to be stuck in a multi-tenant cloud system shared by other companies but have your own system.  This helps in security and for future planning in migrating, updating and maintenance.
  • You can choose the email system - whether you want to integrate with Microsoft Outlook platforms or Google email.

  • You can choose not to be stuck in a cloud platform or on-premise where you cannot easily and inexpensively pick up the SQL database and some files and migrate to another platform.  We have had clients move from on-premise to cloud and others from cloud back to on-premise - both without too much concern.
  • You can choose how to make the financial investment.  Select the cloud monthly subscription or make a capital investment.

  • You can select not to be stuck with a limited database that cannot be easily expanded with new menus, tables, fields, or business rules for functionality important to your business growth.  This also includes not being stuck into paying exorbitant dollars for disk space you find with several cloud hosted systems.
  • You can choose where to deploy your CRM.  It may be completely hosted in the cloud platform with a subscription from the software publisher.  It may be hosted on-premise at your location for additional control and integration.  Or it may be hosted by a trusted IT partner of yours.

  • You can choose not to be stuck with limited tools within the CRM system.  Change will happen so you need a CRM that has tools to modify menus, forms, and business rules to adapt to your business changes.
  • You can choose to integrate with other systems:  emarketing, marketing automation, ERP/accounting systems, business analytics and business process management with alerting & workflow

  • You can choose how much guidance, coaching, facilitation, design and support you'll want and need from an experienced business partner who focused on your specific business.

  • In our business you can choose to work with a man or a woman, younger or older...
  • Yes there is more, but let's leave that for another time.  Enjoy the holiday with family & friends,


Make sure your remember the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America.  Also don't get stuck with a bad CRM decision.  Review your choices and the freedom your CRM solution provides...

Primary Solutions:  Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix)        Swifpage ACT! contact/customer management 

Revolutionary War History

During the revolutionary war my 5th great-great grandfather at age 13 marched with George Washington. He is buried in a near by cementary with son Timothy Wooden.  Both were the first white settlers in the county I reside.  Much appreciation for their service.  Thank you Gramps.


If these Freedoms of Choice sound appealing, let's setup a time to chat and collaborate on giving you and your business better choices, Today.

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