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Your CRM must provide Freedom and at the same time Control of your World

OK you have a CRM system in place or are considering a different CRM solution. We hear clients and prospects requesting solutions that provide both freedom and control.


  • A system that will work with the way my business works now and yet able to be adapted to new changes in the future.
  • The ability to redefine terminology to the way business is currently done.  This may be changing service "Tickets" to "Client matters" or "Service requests"
  • The capability to create different sales processes because we sell products or services differently depending on the type of prospect or customer business.
  • Freedom to view just MY information so I can focus on my activities, my contacts, my open opportunities
  • To easily view what is happening in my business today, in the past and projected into the future



  • The ability to not get frustrated in looking up information easily.  It may be by any piece of information such as business name containing "Paint" or a phone number containing a set of numbers.
  • It has to be able to group business information in recognizable lists.  This may be customers in Michigan and Indiana + current year sales over 150K + open opportunities over 100K
  • It has to be configurable and customizable.  This may be adding new fields, new table of information specific to your business operations.
  • It must be secure so that certain users can only see certain information. This may be not allowing the Midwest sales team seeing opportunities in a different sales region.

 Your Relationships, Your Information. Your CRM

Your contact relationships are essential to your success.  Acquire more and nurture them to build loyalty and grow your business profitably.




Successful CRM Provides:

  • Rich customer profiles- Capture data across all customer touch points and keep vital information at users' fingertips.
  • Sales productivity tools - Identify opportunities, manage communication activities, and automate your winning sales processes.
  • Sales management tools - Drive forecasting, manage teams and territories and receive proactive alerts.
  • Marketing automation tools - Automate campaigns, email marketing, and lead tracking; measure ROI
  • Customer service and support solutions - Streamline case management, defects, contracts and self-service.
  • Innovative Social Features - Stay in tune with customers using embedded Social profiles, Social timelines, Social updates and Social Buzz.



Business Improvement  Conclusion:

Successful business relationship development and growing a profitable business is not easy. We all need all the help we can use.  To enjoy both freedom and a sense of control, a strategic CRM system that works the way you need it to, is a foundational core ingredient.

Our firm is here to help in that business improvement change.  Our recommended solution revolves around the Swiftpage Act! contact management  and Saleslogix CRM.




Please check out our other accessible resources on the web site and when ready to start a conversation give us a call: 269-445-3001.  Also download "7 Keys to Success with CRM"

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