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Focus on Increasing Sales Effectiveness with Saleslogix CRM for 2014

As we collaborate with prospective clients about the short-term and long-term benefits of CRM for their Sales_Effectivness_Chartbusiness we'll cover the value received from the following list.  Many relate immediately to increasing sales effectiveness of the sales team - from the hard working field sales rep who is making hourly, sales decisions to the company president and director of sales, guiding the company to a brighter future.

Consider the impact on your business from:

  • Create collaborative environments.
  • Embrace new mobile technologies such as tablets and smart phones.
  • Ability to share and replicate your organizations best practices.
  • Tap into "tribal knowledge" of the sales team.
  • Find the right internal expert for a given customers' needs.
  • Integrating mobile and Web CRM systems with corporate back-end processes like sales orders, invoices, production orders, warranty into, etc.
  • Harness the collective knowledge of the entire company and quickly adapt sales and marketing materials to individual customers so that every customer conversation is personalized and meaningful.
  • Communicating quickly with company experts to develop opportunities.
  • Working with a dispersed sales team to close business quicker.
  • Keeping a variety of customer stakeholders informed before and after the sale.
  • Building customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and long term relationships.
  • Access social customer intelligence.
  • Increase responsiveness from the combination of collaboration and data access increasing customer loyalty, there by building stronger long-term relationships and reducing overall sales costs.


We live in a technology enhanced world so it is important to adopt technology to match how sales people actually sell as well as how customers actually buy. Mobility access is a huge game changer and Saleslogix Mobile 3 is an industry leader.  Creating a collaborative communications system makes selling more productive. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Google mail and Social outposts like Twitter and LInked-in helps the sale team connect with one another and prospective customers.

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Topics:   Customer loyalty Make your business work smarter Web-based productivity tools Business success with CRM

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