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You know who your ideal target customer is and you are looking for more OR you are trying to expand your market share.  Well, the searching for targeted leads just got a lot easier - that is if are using ACT 2011.....

Your business needs a steady supply of new sales leads so it can grow and acquire more customers.  Over time, it can really become a struggle to find sources of good quality leads.  Lists often cost too much, focus on the wrong industry for your products, or contain outdated contact information.  Soon, you're spending as much time looking for leads as you are making sales calls - and that's not a productive way to sell.

An easy solution to the oldest sales problem

Fill your sales funnel and expand your business with highlySage-ACT-Consultant qualified leads from Sage Business Info Services for ACT!.  It's like having a sales research assistant who always makes sure you have the right contacts, updated telephone numbers, and other information you need to make the most of every sales call.

The information that powers Sage Business Info Services for ACT! comes from Hoover's (tm), a division of Dun & Bradstreet, the proven leader in business information.  Hoover's tracks over 68 million companies and frequently updates over 85 million contact records.  This continuously updating of business information ensures the most accurate contact, industry and financial information possible.


What are your options and what will you receive:

Sage Business Info Services for ACT! is available in three different subscription packages.  You can get started with basic company research for free.  Or choose a paid subscription for access to more robust features.  Depending on your subscription, you can:

  • Use search filters to create targeted list of leads based on geography, industry, financial data, employee size, or a host of other criteria including your own keywords.
  • Effortlessly import selected leads directly into ACT! 2011 or later
  • Identify new markets for products and services by researching different industries.
  • Append existing contact data in your ACT!  database, plus add new names and contact info for other executives at the company.
  • Conduct detailed research into prospect companies to reveal comprehensive financial information, company profile, and industry overview, and list of competitors.
  • Research your customer's competitors and uncover new opportunities.


Need to Talk with Someone about which options are best for you?

We offer an initial consulting conversation to determine if a contact management system is right for your business- here.

If you are looking to optimize and get more "Bang for your Investment" , let us know here.



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