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BeeSender ChatBot, Creatio for Higher Education, Text messaging

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Higher Ed Texts Students Fast with Creatio

Just text me....

High school and college students' text. A lot. The average student sends more than 100 texts a day and checks messages 16 times an hour. They always have their phone with them, and they prefer texting over email hands down. If you want to reach them, you need to be texting too.

Oh please just text me-Creatio- BeeSender SMS-2-1

Admissions counselors will be run ragged if they must manually text each student in their portfolio and enter notes from these interactions in their database of potential students. Studies show not only that texting to nudge students increases enrollment rates, but that text message intervention programs were cost-effective as well. Marketing has traditionally sent out bulk emails, but email marketing platforms can’t send texts. Many universities subscribe to a separate solution to manage text campaigns and track engagement.

Here are some tips to use text messaging successfully for college recruitment:

  • Text students who opt-in to your program. You may not convince a student who has no idea who you are to apply by text, but you can certainly remind those who show interest to take the next step in the enrollment process after they opt in.
  • Make your texts actionable. Add a call-to-action to your texts with a bit.ly link or other shortened link that you can track to see how effective it is in driving people to your website, event information, financial aid form, calendar, etc.
  • Don’t overdo it! Text too much and too often and you risk losing your subscriber. Balance out what messages make sense for other channels like social media or email and what messages are appropriate for text.
  • Implement texting into your core CRM communications strategy. Make the conversations in chat part of the student's historical communications. Share and measure what is effective.

Creatio CRM’s Beesender application provides both individual and mass texting functionality directly from the communication panel in Creatio. This alternative makes it easy for students to communicate with the university and easier for the university’s various offices to intelligently process student questions and requests and start responsive internal processes. Beesender has an option to deliver not only text messages and images but chatbots as well (for surveys, applications, bookings…)

What’s the resulting value?

More leads on new students, more targeted and timely communication the way they like to receive it.

Automated notifications to staff of those leads for appropriate follow-up.

Better quality service and student relationships from the very first interaction.

Decreased workload and increased productivity of university staff.


Another function Beesender delivers to Creatio’s higher education partners is its Bot Master application. Its virtual assistants, or chatbots, provide additional convenient ways to engage students. These virtual assistants can be multi-lingual to respond to website or social media visitors’ inquiries. They can create and confirm appointments. They can collect feedback and conduct surveys as well as train and coach staff.

Accelerate organizational transformation

with these Creatio (bpm'online) Market Place Beesender applications, which connects Creatio with messages, social networks and website widgets, and enables operators (agents) to communicate with students, alumni, donors, and employees directly from the communication panel of Creatio.

Chatbot for recruitment process automation

Consider the value of:

  • The number of new student requests/applications and communications grow
  • The level of student' service quality and Net Promoter Score goes up
  • The number of calls and the work load of university staff decreases.

This solution allows you to build a full-fledged relationship with the constituents leveraging the maximum of the SMS channel capabilities.  More on SMS capabilities with Creatio....

Are you ready to delve deeper?  Contact Dick at 269-445-3001 or let's schedule a conversation.Select


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