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Factors Affect CRM Pricing – Questions we’ll be asking you

Preparing for a successful implementation of CRM system that brings change requires that many thoughtful questions be considered.  Use the following to help yourself as the "CRM Champion", to help the executive sponsor and to help your CRM project team get the most from CRM.  Planning with these questions as a starting point will achieve your desired objectives.
  • Stakeholders - Do you have those involved in the use of and management of the information identified along with each of their outcome objectives and expectations?  How will the future be different? 
  • Do you have a project manager and champion of this change initiative? 
  • What will be the number of expected users, their departments and primary job responsibilities as it relate to CRM? 
  • What is the expected “Go-Live” deadline? 
  • What are the expected time requirements that your project implementation team is planning to devote to this CRM initiative? 
  • What operational processes do you foresee being affected by this upcoming change initiative with CRM? 
  • How will your people be held accountable to learn new capabilities of business management software?  Review the CRM user adoption principles
  • What are your sources of data to be used to start up this CRM system?  What is the quality (number of records) of company accounts, contacts, addresses and sales opportunities?  What is the data quality and expected level of de-duplication that will be needed? 
  • What is your current technology foundation:  Number of servers in networks, operating system and versions of servers, desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets? 
  • What are the technical skills of all the users?
    • Heavily involved in using business applications
    • We have no dedicated IT, but have several power users.
    • All know web browsers usage and Microsoft Office productivity tools.
    • Minimum – know how to use browser to use Internet only
    • What other business applications are in use?  What version of Microsoft Office? 
  • Are you having web leads come from a web site that needs to be imported regularly or automatically
  • Do you have lead lists, trade show lists, etc. that need to be imported several times each year? 
  • Will you have some internal power users defined as 1st line of CRM system support?

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Topics:   Knowledge Capture Lower IT costs Business Growth Enabler Make your business work smarter

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