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Compare SalesLogix and ACT!, eMarketing Effectiveness, Infor CRM, Act!

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Understanding Value of CRM from a 8 year old's Perspective

Here at Success with CRM Consulting, Julie and I help entrepreneurs and business stakeholders navigate the complex analysis and decision-making process in accelerated business growth by using our expertise and life experiences with our successful clients and key strategic partner resources.

Over the years we have found many unique ways in describing our products and services. Here's our newest approach...

You’re an 8 year old who starts a corner stand to sell lemonade so you can buy a new "flashy red" bike.  You decide to open your stand from 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday this summer. 

Boys_red_bike.jpgYou get everything set up and have a price sign saying .25 cents per 8oz paper cup.  You wait and wait, no customers.  At 1:30pm you sell some to two young mothers pushing baby strollers.  “Hurray!” Then a few more show up just before you call it a day. 

You count up the money and realize that you still owe mom for the lemons, cups, and other supplies.  You’ll never get enough for that bike!  You need a better plan…


You remember you have an uncle who owns his own business that sells and installs parts to other people's cars.  So you get mom to take you to visit him at work.  He explains that you need to advertise and "get the word out" so other potential customers learn more about your lemonade stand. WOW, you have an idea and hurry back home. With the help of your mom you both create 4’x4’ poster board signs with your "refreshing lemonade" message and where to find you. 


The next day, bright and early you get mom to drive to each of the 4 North/South/East/West corners that is two blocks away.  Now you have a way for passersby to know about your offering and where to find you.  Today you double your customers.  But wait, you remember another thing your uncle mentioned was to have a sign up sheet to know who is a customer and ask for their contact information including email address.  Your mom found a pad and pen and you draw lines and columns to keep things straight.  At the end of the day your sales double and you know something more useful about the customers.


As each day goes by, the list of names grows longer, but now you have too many names on paper.  Back to visit your uncle's business and he shows that you can save your list of customer’s info from your ipad to some app called ACT contact management.  It’s simple! So you add in the basic info of each customer.  WOW! This is Cool!  Finally something else you can do with your tablet.


The list is so long but you can easily sort the list by street address. You can see that everyone is within 6 blocks of your home stand. You check your piggy bank.  But the amount of money after expenses was still too small to get that "flashy red" bike yet this summer.


Mom suggested we visit Uncle Richard again.  He shows us how he can tag a list of names with a simple tap and easily send an email to remind your customers to return and that you have a new offering of brownies.  Uncle Richard helps add the Tag line that says ‘if you tell a friend to come they will get a referral thank you coupon for a free brownie.” So when done you simply click to send the email messages to go out the next morning. It was getting too late tonight to email someone. As you leave, Uncle Richard mentions you might want to prepare twice as much lemonade for tomorrow!  


Red_Cardinal.jpgYou rise the next morning to a chirping red Cardinal outside your bedroom window.  Excited and reminded of your red bike passion, you get all the supplies for the stand ready for business. You get extra cups and lemons for the 'rush'.  Now instead of a trickle here and there of customers, you are getting a small line building up, waiting for lemonade.  You invest the help of your older sister April to mix up lemonade and wrap your mom’s brownies.  You now have a growing business, a good set of customers and many who refer you to many others.  You have what a few of older business people call an entrepreneurial experience!


That night you visit Uncle Richard again to thank him.  He shows that your emails sent, called a ‘email marketing campaign’, have a 63% open rate and half of those people forwarded the email to their friends.  Now how cool is that?

Someone also responded that they are having a church social event and asked if you could supply cool lemonade and tasty brownies.  Now this will take planning, but you accept and get mom and big sister April involved. Uncle Richard says you need to create this church social as an "sales opportunity" for next Sunday the 21st.  He explains that an Opportunity is a plan for a future sales event in a future date.

Over time your Uncles secretary, Julie, helps update the ACT contact management system and provides you with a list of future sales you can plan production and help.

Moral of the Story:  Follow your passion, seek other people's advice and start building a business with a CRM foundation...

By the way, the future lead to this vehicle:



Our Challenge for You...

  • Are you communicating a helpful message to your prospective and current customers?
  • Is there too many missed follow up activities and opportunities from being captured?
  • Is it time to upgrade to a better contact management system or to a  full fledged CRM?

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