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"Equally Different" is a term that is helpful to describe the capabilities and benefits of a business solution to attract, keep and develop profitable customers. A long-term business system that is created with Infor CRM and its business partners for a business like yours.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is quoted as saying, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function."  Imagine how beneficial that is for a person. Such a person can get a quicker, more complete picture of the situation. This capability allows the person to consider the advantages and disadvantages of one idea and then quickly move in their mind to the other, without bias holding back progress.  This human capability of holding opposing thoughts also allows the expansion of possibilities from divergent thinking followed by a clearer ability to come up with the converged thinking to that better final answer.  Wow - that is highly valuable in any business! 

So how can something be equal but also different?

This concept can be related to parents with multiple children.  In my case, my wife Carlie and I are proud parents of two daughters that we adore and love equally.  We are proud of each equally for the way they have turned into responsible and caring parents themselves.  Our daughters are also very different in their personalities, in their motivations and how they interacted with others.  Each has different strengths they use daily for making decisions and managing their personal and professional lives.

Within a system solution of multiple processes:

Infor CRM is equal to the key capabilities found in top quality CRM, customer relationship management, systems.  When you look for account and contact management to identify organizations and people CRM systems have that. An equal CRM system will have ability to track the various management of a person's schedule. 

Equal type capabilities of top quality CRM:

  • Account (company) based CRM with related contacts, opportunities and service tickets

  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook contacts, activities, and to-do tasks

  • Modern web user interfaces

  • Software publisher with decades of experience and a record of industry awards

  • Included report management tools

  • Support and maintenance contracts for your business

  • Etc.

An Infor CRM system solution is also  inherently different

Within the Infor CRM system:

  • Ownership and control of your CRM system and data.  Whether you deploy the Infor CRM in the cloud, on-premise, mobile, or in a hybrid environment, you always maintain control of your system and ownership of your data. Easily upgrade, migrate from on-premises to the cloud or bring your data in-house when it makes sense for your business.

  • Expandable to be personalized. Easy usability and intuitive functionality enhances productivity of your team. Users can create their own dynamic or ad hoc groups of information, starting with an out-of-box group of accounts. One or more filters can be applied to quickly view what is needed.

  • Expandable for purpose-built needs so you can extend the current tables with new fields and even add new entities and tables to manage additional information purposeful for your business.. Business rules can be applied, events triggered and reports scheduled

  • Expandable so users with the 'customization / admin' role can modify forms, modify the user interface such as hide or rename prompts and otherwise personalize the system for their business use.

  • Expansion build in for managing related information such as attachments, returns, defects, quotes, sales orders, etc.
  • Advanced expansion where a new entities or tables can be added in the CRM database that may not even relate to the core data.  For example, we have for a client that is tracking manifests for transportation load records that related to a rail car master table build into their CRM with customer interactions.

  • Advanced customization with built in development tools like the Infor CRM Application Architect for move advanced customization.  Or take it a step further with ability to use the widely popular Microsoft Visual Studio for development in a language like C#.  If you come across the need for advanced or optimized logic, there is a set of tools available to get the needed results.

  • Multiple deployment options to fit your strategy that is not found in other CRMs. In some cases, a cloud based subscription fits the business use case. Some costs are reduced but generally over 3-5 years the total cost of ownership flips against a subscription based system. So, having your own managed CRM system or moving from the subscription is advantageous. An Infor CRM system can be placed on-premise for added security and performance, yet still be used within your own network cloud.  We find this from prospects fed up with Salesforce.com costs and inflexibility. 

  • Advanced access in how your people can access and update using web browsers for the full web view or smart mobile devices using Infor CRM mobile portal.  For the Windows diehards, there is even a Windows user interface for Infor CRM.

  • Reporting and analytics solutions enable actionable insights from your customer information. Infor CRM offers a suite of powerful reporting and analytics tools that give you visibility into your sales activities, service and support calls, marketing campaigns, and more, so user at all levels can make more informed decisions.


  • Flexible license and payment options to suite your financial needs. Buy, finance, or subscribe to Infor CRM - the choice is yours. Select from multiple license types (named, concurrent, mobile-only, and flex), mix-and-match, and align users' roles with the appropriate licenses.


With Integrations of other data sources

Use the Industry-leading integration capabilities for a 360 degree view of your business. Rely on Infor CRM as the hub of your business operations with rich customer profiles built by capturing information and interactions form across the organization and from external sources. Integrate with front-office and back-office enterprises applications to establish a holistic view of each customer:

  • Advanced integration with ERP solutions like Infor Syteline or Infor Visual so there are efficient and direct access of ERP AR, sales and production information available for the CRM users
  • Advanced integration with leading marketing automation like Salesfusion so lead capture, lead qualification with scoring and nurturing campaigns can be performed and measured, 
  • Advance integration with Infor CPQ , configure-price-quoting when more complex building of quotes and proposals is needed.


With the people who work as your partners

  • There is a global ecosystem of partners, developers, and customer support people to support yourJust-what-I-wanted-CRM.png CRM success.
  • Leverage the knowledge of CRM business partners who interact with your business starting with the design, the buying cycle, the move to implementation, knowledge transfer and to professional support to remain productive.  

  • No loss of speed and knowledge transfer. Too many times the person you buy the CRM system from is not the same person involved in the successful implementation.  In my firm, you will work with the person most familiar with your business, from start to finish.


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Question: How is your business CRM system 'equally different'?


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