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Recently we had a client request to modify their Infor CRM Web client version 8.3.x so that the Account Associations tab showed additional information about the related accounts.  In this case they wanted to show the Internal Account number and the City/State/Postal code columns.

Account Association SmartPart Infor CRM 8.3x web client

This Account Association form is not a standard data grid that is typically found and easily managed inside the Infor CRM Application Architect.  Instead there are a few different places that need to be modified.  Thanks to Scott Viverito from Infor CRM developer support for his guidance.

Coding changes in Infor CRM Application Architect:

Step 1. Create this new control in SLXClient portal SupportFiles folder: \jscript\Sage\UI\Controls\GridParts\Columns. This is named: Text.js

/*globals Sage, dojo, dojox, dijit, Simplate, window, Sys, define */
define("Sage/UI/Controls/GridParts/Columns/Text", [
function (declare, lang) {
var widget = declare('Sage.UI.Controls.GridParts.Columns.Text', null, {
icon: '',
defaultValue: '',
constructor: function (args) {
lang.mixin(this, args);
format: function (val, index) {
if (!val) return '';
return dojo.string.substitute('${0}', [val]);
return widget;

Step 2: Update the following parts of the SLX Client portal, SupportFiles\SmartParts\Association folder: AccountAssociation.js as you need to add a reference to the new contro, Text.js..

Sage.UI.Forms.AccountAssociations = {
makeGrid: function (runtimeConfig) {
'Sage/UI/Controls/GridParts/Columns/Text', //add here

Step 3:  Add into the function below the slxText:

function (slxUser, slxEdit, slxDateTime, slxText, utility, aspect, workspaceUtil, sDataServiceRegistry, GridView)

Step 4: Then down in the Var Options, find the Columns section to add the new columns for the "from" account's Internal account number and city/state/postalcode.

field: "CreateUser",
label: AccountAssociationsResource.AccountAssociationsGrid_CreatedBy_HeaderText,
width: 10,
type: slxUser
//SDK add a new column like below and reference your Id field
field: "FromAccount.InternalAccountNumber",
label: 'Account Number',
width: 10,
type: slxText

field: "ToAccount.Address.CityStatePostal",
label: 'City\State\Postal',
width: 20,
type: slxText
field: "CreateDate",
label: AccountAssociationsResource.AccountAssociationsGrid_Date_HeaderText,
width: 10,
type: slxDateTime,
dateOnly: true

After a save and rebuild you may need to clear the web browse to show these new account fields in the 'from account' in these relationship records.

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