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Encourage Engagement: Saleslogix Help, Icons and Tool tips cheat sheet

Just-what-I-wanted-CRMNew users to Saleslogix (Infor) CRM can become "Icon blind" to these simple but helpful little images found in the Web client.  But once you have used them to navigate the CRM desktop they become second-hand.  I find that associating the icon image to the physical action helpful: Lookup, Move forward, Move backward. Add. Save.

Of course there is the ever present big question mark HELP_Me to lead you to helpful information.


The On-line Help system of Saleslogix CRM is one of the better I have seen in software.



Where do I start to LOOK up something like a business company name?

The Key to Lookup information is the magnifying glass.Lookup_Icon  It will lead you to easily find a name, an address, a phone number or email, plus much more

Once you are in a group list  you can use the forward/backward arrow keys for easier navigation. Move_forward-backward_thru_records

The big green button is used to add a new record. Add-Insert_New_record

Funny but the SAVE icon is the floppy disk Save_Me_Icon

I haven't actually used a floppy to hold data for years.!


Welcome dashboard is also a good Guide: 

Icon Buttons and what they DO:



Other resources helpful to kick start user engagement:

The getting started with the Saleslogix Web client PDF includes:

  • Understanding the Saleslogix Web Client Workspace
  • Managing Contact and Accounts
  • Managing Your Sales Activities
  • Communicating with Contacts and Leads
  • Managing Opportunities for Sales
  • Managing Leads and Campaigns
  • Working with Customer Service and Support
  • Using Web Reporting and Analysis Tools
  • Setting User Options

The two page quick reference card for the web user identifies steps to:

  • Find records fast
  • Work the Way I Want To
  • Get my Tasks Done
  • Meet My goals
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Getting Help

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Topics:   Reimagine the way you work Productivity Tips CRM user adoption Make your business work smarter

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