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Empowering the Individual with mobile friendly Infor CRM

Times Have Dramatically Changed

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have long been seen as beneficial to any sales organization.  However, CRM benefits typically favored management while the front-line, customer facing user of CRM, the sales representative, saw CRM as a necessary evil.  Traditional CRM systems have been seen as inflexible, time-consuming productivity drains.

But that notion of CRM has become outdated by leaders in the CRM industry, like Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix). Modern CRM solutions are all about being more mobile friendly and adaptable with the focused shift of development on the end user- the individual. 

Having it My Way

For example, the Infor Mobile CRM solution allows the individual to see "My Contacts", work to complete My Activities and update My Opportunities.  You can configure on the fly, what home page menu items that suit the way you work.  Sales representatives can be equipped with highly personalized, flexible CRM tools.



By designing CRM with the individual user in mind, the entire sales organization benefits from increased data quality, enhanced sales productivity, and more predictable revenue pipelines.  The individual can quickly lookup that key account, check on the known contacts and optionally view the related activities, history, opportunities, and service tickets.



The success of sales organizations goes beyond simply empowering the sales reps and managers. To truly reap the benefits of a CRM initiative, every single individual that supports the sales process must have access to the system.  This ensures everyone is on the same page, and able to collaborate and sell more effectively across the board.


Must Choose the Right Adaptable CRM

To reach this level or enhanced personalization and sales automation, organizations must choose the right adaptable CRM that will work the way they do. A CRM solution framework that provides access to the extended sales organization - and benefits all the individuals: field sales reps, inside sales reps, customer service reps, sales management, etc.. One that is not only focused on the individual mobile user, but provides the roll up of critical information to make those all important, timely decisions.  Better decisions can come with the increased data quality from the mobile individual.


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Topics:   CRM user adoption Mobile CRM Flexible CRM Better Decision Making

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