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A skilled, effective sales force will expand your company's customer base and add profit. In order to make the most of your company's marketing investment, it's imperative to equip your sales staff with the tools to help them follow-up every lead and close as many as possible.


Previously in "Drive Top Line Growth - CRM Enabler #1"   I mentioned how CRM systems help businesses drive growth by fully integrating the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer service. Planning and executing effective marketing campaigns to attract new prospects and for the nurturing of existing relationship are integral for successful business development. Having and using a CRM system to capture and share that knowledge is another business success component..


A large component within most CRM systems are tools relating to sales force automation. These tools enable you to analyze the entire sales cycle and successfully manage your sales pipeline - from first contact to the final sales- and beyond.    

CRM tools empower sales teams to:

  • Perform analysis to ensure that most energy is spent on the opportunities most likely to close.
  • Improve lead distribution and tracking.
  • Analyze training and performance.
  • Centralize contact and interaction management.
  • Effectively process quotes and orders.
  • Provide remote sales staff with instant access to corporate information.
  • Effectively manage your commitments and eliminate follow-up failure.



Example of Infor  (Saleslogix) CRM Opportunity Management and Decision Dashboard:


Consider This:  Are your sales and marketing teams properly aligned for effective feedback that will generate business growth? Does the feedback from the sales force fall on deaf ears or does the marketing become further refined to deliver more qualified leads that meet your ideal customer profile?

A CRM System and marketing analytics can empower your sales force to identify key contacts to engage and then share new insights about the prospect and customer - thus building a shared knowledge database - building an appreciating asset.


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