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eMarketing Effectiveness - 10 Tips for Designing a Sales Email

Many of the businesses we work with use their email marketing primarily for sales. There are some techniques inspired by Audrey Howes with Swiftpage, that can give you the best chance of getting your emails read and even responded to, but you have to be very specific in the way you construct them. 

Follow these 10 tips for designing a successful Sales email:


successful sales email

10. Make your email mobile-viewable. Did you know in 2019 that 41% of people in the U.S. read email on their phones?  Or that email open rates on phones soared 34% in 2019 while open rate on the desktop email clients or web mail shrank by 10%? 

Design your email in a one or two column format and shrink how much you write so people don't have to scroll too much.  By shrinking your photo sizes people don't wait for downloads.  Up-size your font size for easier reading.


9.  Define your links clearly.  When including links in your emails, be sure they take the reader to what the the reader expects to find.  People do not like having to search for what they were supposed to be directed to.  Make it easy and take exactly where they expect to go.


8.  Always send from the same "From" email address.  Your recipients like familiarity inbox.  using the same from address helps your recipients recognize you as company they have done business with or as a sales person they have interacted with.


 7.  Send email regularly. Yes, you're busy running a business, but repeat sales and maintaining your customer base are the life of your business.  Keep your opt outs lower by sending one to two emails per month so your subscribers don't forget your business.


6. Have a simple and direct subject line. Tell don't sell.  Selling reads like spam. Hint at your call to action in your subject line to set expectations.  It is also a good idea to relate the subject line to a reason the customer joined your email list if you haven't sent in a while. Keep it Clear, Simple and Compelling.


5. Use images wisely.  Too many images and the reader is overwhelmed; too few, the reader is bored by plain text. A good rule of thumb is to use one compelling, relevant image to depict the product or service you are offering. Don't use too big of an image - your mobile readers will feel frustrated and loose interest.


4. Focus on the customer. When writing emails keep your customer's perspective at the forefront of your mind and include benefits to add value to them in your emails.  Adding value to customers promotes customer engagement and empowerment.


3.  Make your content easy to consume. Attention spans are short and we are moving towards an age of mobile data consumption.  Work on creating very compelling content that's easy to scan and digest.


2. Have a call to action.  Tell your reader what to do,  where to visit, and who to call - essentially, ask for the sale.  your call to action should be immediately evident when your email is opened. Remember for critical actions, don't use buttons as links - they will be ignored by mobile readers.


1.  Ensure a high deliverability rate.  Use a 3rd party email marketing company such as Swiftpage to ensure high deliverability and prevent your message from being flagged by spam.  After all, no sale can be made if the intended recipient never receives your offer. 


Following these tips will give you the best chance of getting though to decision makers and getting responses that will give you an understanding of where you stand.

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