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Effective Uses of Xbar to Eliminate CRM User Frustrations

Eliminate Email - CRM integration Frustrations

User Frustration #1:Poor Use Screen Real Estate

When you have 3-5 applications always running and going in between, screen real estate is limited. Where does Infor CRM fit in?

The effective use of screen real estate affects user productivity. Excessive information may be poorly organized or confusing, so effective screen layouts must be used with appropriate used with appropriate use of software.

  • Do you have the space for another monitor?
  • Would it adversely affect your focus?
  • Can you integrate two main software applications and only have one displaying.

Recommended Solution:

Wouldn't it be more productive to reduce the number of programs you need to access?

Get more out of the space available on your display by using the Xbar add-in that allows you to operate your CRM with in your MS Outlook application .  This Xbar streamlines your Infor CRM (Saleslogix) live data inside Outook, eliminating the need to have the Infor CRM system always showing.

User Frustration #2: One More System to Learn and Update

Updating the CRM system does take time and additional steps in users daily work flow. When users feel that they are doing double data entry into multiple applications, CRM user adoption drops.

Warning Signs:  users may say, “I’m too busy closing sales to worry about CRM,” or “I don’t have time to ‘feed the beast’ I’m knocking on doors.', or 'It's too hard to update CRM when my phone is ring all the time'.

Recommended Solution:

Eliminate user push-back.  CRM should not be another step or an afterthought when the work flow is completed. Make sure that you respect the time of staff and implement the Xbar integration with MS Outlook in such a way that it is a natural fit into their work flow.  This will increase user adoption - increase productivity by working in one system verses two or three. whatever email is highlighted in our in box you can use that e-mail to create a new opportunity or Service Ticket, besides adding a new contact or account.

Three quick steps in updating your CRM within Outlook:

  • From the menu option under Xbar, select Search Account


  • In the Search Bar, type in the Account name and click to view details.


  • Click on the Window Icon to select the Action Step to complete.



User Frustration #3: It Takes Too Long to Find Information

When this work flow process takes over a minute or two, the customer on the phone will loose patience and trust in the customer service reps abilities and overall value of the reliability of the company.

Customer Service needs to be able to quickly look up key information about a customer, assess and record the issue, and record the resolution. Additional steps may need to be taken: notify a higher level support team member of what actions have already been attempted, prior communications or inform internal departments of defects.  This information gathered in a quick and timely fashion provides a great customer experience.

Recommended Solution: 

“How can I use Xbar to speed up our process, to benefit my customer?”

Start with an existing software platform that users are familiar with and work in all day - such as Microsoft Outlook. When adding in the Infor CRM Xbar integration, this provides a existing adopted software with the advanced insights on business contacts and key accounts from the Infor CRM database.

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