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Easy enrich your prospect and customer information

How to enrich the account data from the open Internet sources

One of the helpful options in bpm'online CRM system is the one-click ability to enrich a company account information and alerting when new data is available.

By using the Enrich data action it will automatically search for additional account information.  Click the Data enrichment icon - bpmonline.png button to run this action.

As a result, bpm'online will search open sources for the following account data

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • account profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, SlideShare and Pinterest social networks

When the search is complete, a window with a list of found communication options will open:

Data enrichment- account- bpmonline.png

You can edit the communication options in this window.  Select records that you want to add to the account page and click [Add] button.   The data will be saved on the account page:

  • email addresses will be saved as "Email" communication options
  • phone numbers will be saved as "Primary phone" communication options
  • Facebook profile pages will be saved as "Facebook" communication options
  • Twitter profile pages will be saved as "Twitter" communication options
  • LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, SlideShare, and Pinterest profile pages will be saved as "Web" communication options.

Account profile communications options-bpmonline.png

To search again, click the Refresh icon- bpmonline.png button in the data enrichment window.


Added benefit- alert of new data found:

As you are viewing an account record you'll notice this alert of new data found in the top left of the account form.  Easily click on the icon to view the new data and click to save.

Data enrichment - new data found.png


  • To access the data enrichment function, you need to have permission for the "Can enrich account data" system operation.
  • Before running the data enrichment, make sure the account profile contains at least the company name and website address
  • You can change the number of displayed communication options of each type using system settings


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