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Driving Smarter Sales Through Al-Powered Sales Processes

What is AI for BPM?

At the highest level, AI is an intelligent technology that leverages historical data and applies what is learned to current contexts to make predictions. It combines
various related terms: machine learning, naturallanguage processing, deep learning, predictive analytics, etc. With the help of AI, organizations can
put their historical data to use in order to coordinate interactions between people and systems and explicitly link these interactions to a forecasted and desired business outcome through efficient business processes.
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Download the ebook to learn:

  • What is the role of AI (Artifical Intelligence) in the world of sales process management?

  • How sales leaders can enhance their sales process with intelligent tools such as smart process analysis, process bottleneck detection, predicitve analytics and intelligent feedback analysis?

  • What intelligent tools will help sales teams sell more and focus on what's important?

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AI in the world of sales process management

One of the main goals of business process management (BPM) is to standardize the process in order to automate and derive business value through the elimination of flaws or unnecessary steps. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the means to injecting intelligence into sales processes and testing BPM capabilities to their limits. The challenge for process-focused organizations is how to adopt and harness this tremendous potential of AI and uncover all the powerful capabilities that machine learning provides for sales teams.
Artificial intelligence is frequently named the next big thing in the world of innovation.Powered by advances in computing power, the ability to store and process Big Data, and instant access to advanced algorithms, AI has huge potential in helping to drive better sales results. AI is destined to be the perfect tool to fuel organizations' sales efforts and power them to transform their sales processes for better operational efficiency and productivity.

Explore bpm'online sales, and intelligent sales force automation software designed to help selling keep track of the entire cycle, ensure a smooth path from lead generation to repeat loyal sales.


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