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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help businesses drive growth by fully integrating the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer service in order to create a consistent and satisfactory relationship with prospects and customers.

Previously we mentioned the capabilities of driving top-line growth with the use of customer-centric business philosophy and a CRM software system

Business owners and executives must optimize their marketing strategies for superior return on investment and to properly align the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer service operations to support robust growth.

CRM as a Growth Enabler #1:

Plan and Execute Effective Marketing Campaigns:

An effective marketing strategy is the first step toward building top-line growth.  To increase revenues, companies must identify groups of potential customers, target them with effective marketing campaigns, and measure results.  CRM systems automate marketing initiatives, enabling faster, more responsive marketing tactics and ensuring effective use of marketing dollars.

An automated CRM system provides the tools for marketing teams to:

  • Provide valuable insights into the value of your offering to potential and existing customers.
  • Develop, schedule, and execute integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Identify customer segments and maintain target lists.
  • Manage and analyze marketing budgets.
  • Track responses and identify the source of leads.
  • Provide a prioritized call list of prospects most interested in your marketing communications.
  • Analyze campaign results.
  • Trigger follow emails
  • Alert others in your organization of key changes in a contact's interest with business process management.


A CRM system from our firm will provide reliable metrics to monitor campaign results.  Knowing what truly motivated a prospect to respond or a customer to buy again will help your marketing staff feel in control of the marketing strategy.  The ability to analyze results enables marketing management to account for success and adapt to challenges.  Managers spend budget more wisely by replicating and building successful promotions.  Over time, CRM helps marketing and sales departments develop more accurate forecasting models to predict lead generation and sales close rates.

Visualize how strategically time contact with your most interested prospects can drive top-line growth

I am partial to Creatio low-code, unified CRM, a customizable CRM solution with built-in business process management that proactively monitors customer information and transactions, facilitating effective communication and helping foster profitable relationships.  With the integration of web-based marketing automation, a business can easily tie marketing, sales, and support in a unified single database.

  • Use a selective group of contacts and send targeted communications that offer value to the reader.
  • Receive feedback on those who respond by opening, clicking on the specific content of interest, and forwarding it to other people.

    Marketing analytics Creatio

  • Provide the sales professionals the ability to prioritize follow-up actions- so follow-up failure does not occur.
  • Identify which lead sources are generating the most interest.

Lead source - Marketing Creatio

Success with marketing automated campaigns, events, and surveys can be found all within Marketing Creatio.


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What system do you use for effective marketing that keeps the sales force informed?


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