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As I work with entrepreneurs and leaders in various organizations I come across people who are unmotivated to change.  In a recent blog post by Ed Kless, TCMOOTITATIWWWPWACUTC, he references the work of Edwin Friedman who focuses on Differentiated Leadership.  Use this insight to help yourself and to move your organization forward.


The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who are unmotivated to change.Edwin Friedman, A Failure of Nerve, p. ix

We'll come across organizations and business leaders interested in growing their business to the next level and upon drilling further into their culture there is no motivation to change by some managers or employees. As Ed states, it is futile to try to change their minds because, well, it is their mind, not the business leaders'.

So take the next jump and ask the following question, "Are you  willing to admit that there is a possibility that the situation could improve in the future?".  A 'Yes' is required; otherwise it would be futile to continue.

Video: Leadership development demystified.... it's an emotional process of regulating one's own anxiety! (Click on video to view..)

Triangulation Simplified:

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