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Customers are in control of your company whether you realize it or not!



A modern business is akin to a speeding car, with the customer holding onto the steering wheel and pressing hard on the gas.  More of this, more of that - more, more, more and NOW......


Loyalty is now driven primarily by a company's interaction with its customers and how well it delivers on their wants and needs.  Customers have grown increasingly sensitive. Expectations are rising.  You have to be as good as a world class company.

With customer loyalty ever more fleeting, businesses must deliver consistently high quality products and services.

  1. Have you gotten frustrated with a disappearing base of customers and prospects?  Is your business stagnant and falling behind?
  2. Are you looking to move up to the next level?  To build a more viable business and more loyal customers?  To build that appreciating asset of customer knowledge?
  3. Are you looking to improve the customer's experience?  To stay up with local business AND social networking?
  4. Do you believe there must be a better way--
    1. To track commitments?
    2. To prompt you and your team to follow up in a repeatable, nurturing manner?
  5. Are you looking for tools to perform successful marketing that produces measurable results and increases profits?
  6. As the current economy start to turn around, do you want to be a step ahead of your competitors?

What can your do NOW?    Get Serious!

1.  Create a target list of prospects and customers.

Segment the names for specific marketing messages that will build interest. Have them calling you and checking out what your company can do for them.

2.  Identify your unique selling proposition

Know your USP - Unique Selling Proposition 

Identify what is great work -- not just good work -- that you do for others.

3.  Provide the tools to your staff.

Prepare your sales team and your customer service team. Use testimonials and case studies. Ask your internal customers -- your staff -- to give you some concrete examples.

Fine tune your customer management system or full blown CRM system.

If you don't have one, get up to speed fast with Creatio, Infor CRM, or ACT! .

4. Deliver more than is expected.

What is the customer experience that you want to be remembered for?

Follow up faster and more times than any other competitor. Have the customer smiling when they think about their last experience with your company.

5.  For lasting success: make CRM a strategic direction for your organization 

Work from the bottom up and top down!  Everyone is involved !

Follow the 18 requirements for Success with CRM as a guide.

Find a CRM specialist who has business experience and knowledge of the software.  SCHEDULE A CALL


Download eBook How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

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