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ACT Consultatnt HelpThe Financial Advisor who delivers on follow up -- every time.

Everybody needs a niche. For our client at the College Planning Center, the niche within the broad world of Financial Advising is that of College Planning. I've seen this with the College Planning Center using ACT! above and beyond it's capability, so we stopped to take a look at what was working well for him.

Our client provides college planning events which are usually attended by 24-70 people, most of whom were invited by word of mouth and from his monthly e-newsletters. Word of mouth referral is a great way to get people into the sales funnel!

From there, he helps his clients and prospects save money, know exactly what they can afford and determine which college is best for their particular student. Of course, a big part of this business is in the financial investments people make to save for college.

There’s all kinds of value-adding information he can give his prospect from this point forward via email marketing – for example, a white paper on what items their students need to take to college. The sky is the limit for follow-up info people might need. Why?

Choosing a school and paying for it is one of the most complicated issues in our entire financial world, perhaps a few notches better than the mess of our health care industry. (Think about it: auto dealers love to tell you that buying a car is the second biggest purchase you make, after buying a home.Successful graduate They’re forgetting the purchase of an education, a choice even bigger than buying a home in my opinion.)

Using ACT!,  as part of CRM Strategy, he’s sending them a variety of information to guide them through all the potential pitfalls. These communication are all tracked within ACT!. As he is able to see who opens what emails, or what information the prospects even forward to their friends, he can qualify his leads based on their needs and from there it’s a no-brainer that his follow up phone calls will hit the right target. Then he’ll convert the prospects from his seminar into clients more often.

A key principle to pick up here is that ACT! makes it possible for his follow-through to be flawless, providing excellent customer cultivation.

If he says you’re going to get information on a certain thing next week, or shortly before your student graduates, you’re going to get it. If there’s one thing worse than not following up with your clients, it’s promising to follow up and then failing to get it done. If this is a problem in your business, remember, your ACT! Consultant can help you build a system to get it done right, every time. And that’s logistics.

Speaking of Logistics, our next story will be about a logistics company, so stay tuned for story time next Friday!

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