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Nothing we do in business stands alone.

Every job that must be done in your business is like a part of a human body. If one part doesn’t work well, the whole body is in trouble. For instance, a sick liver leads to problems in the heart, kidneys, and eventually brain function. And none of the parts can act like they don’t need the others. The legs can be strong and fast, but without blood flow and lung power, and waste removal, they could not run.

Business operations are the same. Without collaboration and coordination of all processes, things break down. A well-run business depends on unified business operations. And CRM, done well, is an excellent tool to accomplish that unity.

Perhaps you’ve thought of CRM as simply a database for your contacts. It is that, for sure. But it’s important to look beyond such a truncated view of its function. A modern, optimum CRM system becomes the hub, the nerve center that enables all aspects of business operations to work together as a unit.

How does CRM unite business operations?

It’s one source of truth – about your customers, your potential customers, and their interactions with your business. Because Creatio CRM becomes a growing body of data and has AI interpretive functionalities, it also provides a true view of patterns and results from your processes, from marketing and sales to order fulfillment and customer service. Think of CRM as a tool to keep tabs on the health of your business.

It’s one dynamic database, that can manage information and facilitate jobs to be done across departments, similar to our central nervous system. Creatio’s low-code/no-code platform is easily adapted to changing business scenarios at the speed of need – without requiring expensive and scarce app developers.

It’s one user interface that empowers your employees to do their best work while collaborating with their teammates and customers for the success of your business. Employees want and deserve technology that works for them, not the other way around. Provide that, and watch productivity and employee engagement soar. Everybody wins!


Better productivity on the Go with Creatio Mobile app


CRM powers unified business operations. And a business with unified operations will deliver results.

What results do you envision for your company’s future? Can your CRM function as the operational unifier that will get you there?

Success with any system requires first understanding business processes and how they relate to each other. Our extensive experience with business operational management informs the business process consulting using CRM integration that we provide to our clients. Click the link to learn more and for our contact information.

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